What’s New in Marassi – July/August 2018


Mastaba offers authentic Egyptian dishes ranging from your favorite Egyptian starters to rich homemade main courses and desserts.

Customers can enjoy the delicious taste of an authentic Egyptian kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Location: M-Porium Mall – Marassi

Tel: 0101 313 3873 –  0111 483 5043

Instagram: @Mastabaegy

Facebook: Mastaba.eg

Working Hours: 9AM – 5AM


Exotic, trendy open air restaurant and café with a sea view, Carlo’s offers seating options in both shaded & sunny areas accommodate both preferences.

The menu at Carlo’s offers a variety of cuisines including Italian, Asian, Egyptian and more. Desserts are served by Le Pacha 1901, and all kinds of drinks and shisha flavors are available.

Location: Marassi

Tel: 19982 – 0100 357 6666

Working Hours: 12PM – 12AM


The fashion lover’s favorite has opened on the North Coast! Browse the latest men’s, women’s, and home decor collections and pick out something unique and special for your home or wardrobe.

Location: Design Hub – Marassi

Tel: 0122 244 1656

Facebook: Sixty9Group

Working Hours:12AM – 2AM


Johnny’s offer cocktails and mezze in a modern, sophisticated open air pub/club by the sea with high tables and dinner tables. International DJs and famous local talent will play live entertainment weekly, making Johnny’s a spot for those who want to break free. Get in the mood to boogie, with funky cocktails and mouthwatering mezze.

Location: Marassi

Tel: 19982 – 0100 035 76666

Working Hours: 9PM – 3AM

Nada Akram is an Egyptian brand established 2010 offering a ready-to-wear clothing line for women who seek happy and colorful outfits. The beach store offers a variety of beach dresses, coverups & skirts.

Location: Livio’s in front of Marassi

Facebook: NadaAkramDesigns

Instagram: @nadaakram

Working Hours: 5PM – 3AM


Visit this retail space dedicated to fashion, art, design and the beautiful things in life! Come browse the latest collections and pick out something unique to your style.

Location: Design Hub – Marassi

Tel: 0122 244 1656

Facebook: VillaBaboushka

Instagram: @villababoushka

Working Hours: 12PM – 2AM

It’s time for the beach and Eastwind is going with you to Sa7el!

Eastwind will provide all the necessary services throughout summer to keep you and your furry friend as happy as can be. Enjoy a variety of services such as boarding, day care, training, wash ’n ’walk and a pet shop. Call now to reserve your fury best friend’s fun and care.

Location: Marassi

Boarding: 0114 429 9991

Training: 0111 504 9999 (Thursday – Friday)

Wash ’n’ Walk: 0111 150 6999

Vet: 0115 987 9999 Dr. Mohamed Hussein (Thursday – Saturday)

Working Hours: 10AM – 9PM

Website: www.2ewk.com

Facebook: EastwindTraining

With the goal of creating a safe and strong learning environment for all levels of players, Barca Academies focuses on teaching Barcea values such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and humility throughout all football training sessions and the challenging matches.

Locations: Marassi & Hacienda Bay

Tel: 0100 009 8225

Website: fcbescola.fcbarcelona.com/egypt

Working Hours: 5PM – 10PM

G-Grill, The Good Food Company, is Egypt’s first Mediterranean grill. Come experience a taste of the freshest food and witness the drama and excitement of the kitchen right in front of your eyes!

Choose from unprocessed ingredients to customize a meal exactly to your taste in a choice of bowl or sandwich.

Location: Marassi

Tel: 0127 410 388

Lychee’s menu offers wholesome juices and snacks for their customers including Lychee’s homemade Greek yogurt, protein shakes, super food smoothies, eat line sandwiches and salads and more. Recently Lychee has also expanded its operations introducing its very own peanut butter, almond butter and almond milk.

Locations: Diplo & Marassi

Tel: 0100 826 0781

Facebook: LycheeCairo

Working Hours: 10AM – 7PM

Enjoy La Bodega Marassi’s outdoor bar, lounge and restaurant for the fifth summer.

Set among lush plants and trees, La Bodega serves Mediterranean fare in a breezy and upbeat atmosphere with daily DJ entertainment.

Location: Golf Course Academy, Marassi

Tel: 0102 776 1614

Facebook: LaBodegaEgypt

Working Hours: 7PM – 3:30AM

Ovio works closely with specialty farmers and gourmet suppliers to trace the sources of their menu’s raw materials to guarantee that products are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Ovio’s food is displayed in the restaurants, reflecting their transparent approach and philosophy in everything they do.

Locations: Marassi, Diplo & Hacienda Bay

Tel: 0103 331 2211 –  109801

Facebook: Ovio.eu

Instagram: @ovio.eu

Rigoletto offers ice cream, ice cream cakes, chocolate cake, cheesecake, and tarts.

Special Rigoletto flavors include Cinnamon Dates, Vanilla Croquant, Asaleya, Turkish Coffee, Licorice, Mint Chocolate.

Rigoletto’s cakes can be found in Dreams Supermarket (Telal and La Vista) + Seuodi Market in Marassi.

Location: Diplo 3, Telal Beach, Hacienda White Beach, La Vista, Marassi

Tel: 0102 666 3112

Facebook: RigolettoIceCream.eg

Working Hours: 11AM – 1AM

Founded n 2009, Tortina grew to be one of the elite desserts and pastry shops all over Cairo and is now available in Sa7el.

Tortina created a variety of exclusive recipes by mixing the finest ingredients and using the best equipment. Enjoy an extensive collection of oriental and modern desserts, and baked savories of different ingredients catering to all tastes.

Locations: Marina Gate 5, Marassi, Diplo, La Vista

Tel: 0102 806 3332

Facebook: TortinaShop

Working Hours: 10AM – 12AM

At Crave, you are given exceptional customer experience, delicious comfort food, and consistent quality service in a warm atmosphere.

After almost 10 years in the market, Crave is considered one of the first locally created casual dining concepts in Egypt with an equally strong catering service.

Location: Marassi Club House

Working Hours: 1PM – 3AM

Gelato on Wheelz is Egypt’s first roaming ice cream van serving you  a wide variety of premium ice cream this summer both in Marassi and Hacienda Bay.

Stay tuned for the tune of traditional ice cream trucks roaming the street!

Location: Marassi & Hacienda Bay

Tel: 0100 109 0390

Facebook: GelatoOnWheelz

Instagram: @gelatoonwheelz

Working Hours: 3PM – 11PM

Gracias is a Latin inspired food truck with fresh hand-crafted recipes.

Enjoy tasty tacos sure to please your taste buds. Gracias is the first taco truck in Egypt independently owned and ran by founder Peri Saleh. Come see us at Marassi Clubhouse!

Location: Marassi Clubhouse

Facebook: GraciasEG

Working Hours: 12PM – 8PM

Start your summer mornings perfectly with Qahwa! Enjoy Frappes and a traditional American breakfast, you’re bound to enjoy the breakfast experience.

Location: Marassi Clubhouse

Facebook: QahwaEGY

Working Hours: 10AM – 1AM

The Smokery provides a diverse menu and produces some of the finest smoked salmon in the world. The Smokery’s unique venues have been categorized among the country’s most popular destinations for vents, promising exceptional cuisine and service.

Location: Marassi

Tel: 0106 446 5564

Facebook: TheSmokeryEG

Instagram: @thesmokery

Working Hours: 6PM – 3AM

The Lemon Tree and Co. takes you on a Mediterranean journey of the most exquisite ingredients, a world of delightful dining paired with a night full of life.

Devotion to great beats makes your summer nights unforgettable.

Facebook: TheLemonTreeCairo

Working Hours: 9PM – 1AM

Seasons is bringing their 5 star rated private country club experience to the North Coast with their excellent variety of gourmet food and beverage outlets as well as premium service and quality.

Location: Safi Beach, Marassi

Tel: 0100 213 4422

Facebook: SeasonsCC

Working Hours: 11AM – 7PM

At Karma Café we offer an eclectic menu of quality meals prepared with the freshest ingredients, exceptional service, bright smiles, seaside views, and an uplifting atmosphere of optimism and hope.

Location: Marassi Club House

Tel: 0110 054 7777

Facebook: KarmaCairo

Working Hours: 2PM – 1AM weekdays, 2PM – 3AM weekends

Location: Marassi and La Vista

Facebook: MoriSushiEG

Working Hours: During the weekdays from 2 pm – 2 am, and during the weekend 2 pm – 3 am. We will be having the MoreMori offer on Mondays & Tuedays.

Location: Marassi

Facebook: TamaraBistro

Working Hours: 2PM – 4AM

Location: Marassi and Diplo

Facebook: MinceBurgers

Working Hours: 12PM – 10PM

Ocea’s menu offers a wide variety of fresh catches including salmon, sea bass,
mullet, crab, shrimp, and calamari for appetizers and main dishes cooked upon request in a traditional Egyptian, Mediterranean, or International way. There is also a selection of
grilled delicacies including kofta, kebab, shish, grilled chicken, lamb chops and much more. A fully stocked bar offers the chance to enjoy a glass of white
wine with a flavorsome meal.

Location: Marassi North Beach

Facebook: OceaEgypt

Working Hours: Breakfast to

Tel: 0100 663 5529

Tanline Beach Lounge serves exceptional sushi in bothoriginal and fusion styles from Cuba and Spain. With a focus on sushi & sashimi, the culinary delights don’t stop with fresh
fish – a loaded pool menu offers simple and delicious dishes such as a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and appetizers. A fully stocked bar is available to enjoy wines and beers while indulging in everything Tanline has to offer.

Location: Marassi North Beach

Tel: 0100 663 5529

Working Hours: 12 pm – 8 pm

TBS or The Bakery Shop is a fresh local bakery that serves everything from bread to pastries and desserts. Started in 2008, TBS has become one of the most successful high end Bakery Shops in Egypt. Our watchword is fresh ; and our products are always baked in front of you.

Location: Diplo 3, La Vista, Telal, Marrasi, Total Marina 4 and Total Marina 5

Tel: 0112 384 8282 – 16679

Facebook: TBSFresh

Instagram: @tbsegypt

Working Hours: Weekends 7 am – 4 am
Weekdays 7 am – 12 am

Beit Matta is a Boutique Design House that offers personalised handcrafted Jewellery, Home Accessories and Furniture inspired by Egyptian heritage. We are an idea, a colourful way of life. Our products are all handmade with the fashion forward person in mind. We channel the Egyptian heritage of creativity and culture to bring youexclusive pieces that are infused with the unique, deep-rooted spirit of local artisanship.

Location: Eklego Design, Box Out Entrance, Marassi

Tel: 0109 999 1541

Website: www.beitmatta.com

Facebook: BeitMatta

Instagram: @beitmatta

Working Hours: 11 am – 10 pm

This local brand is co-founded by Sara Hamza, Dina Naguib, and Nadia Ahmed. The collection features a unique fusion between oriental and modern footwear design and a real touch of contemporary with a glimpse of tradition, SHIBSHIBI® offers a unique combination for everyday use.

Instagram: @shibshibi
Facebook: ShibshibiFootwear
• Rax, Sea Shells
• Eklego, Marassi
• Style Treasure, Diplo
• Pop up Shop, Kiki’s – Hacienda
• Ghazl Banat, Hacienda
• Nacelle, Almaza

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