What’s New in Telal – July/August 2018


If you wish to experience an oriental food eating, eat in a place that serves to Egyptian food with a great taste and a genuine home flavor… then certainly aim for Baladina.

If you love Sharkaia, fond of Mulukhya, and adore Tawagen… then aim for Baladina.

If you want to live the rural atmosphere in the best places in Egypt, you won’t find it anywhere other than Baladina.
Baladina is a countryside restaurant served by the country’s natives.

Location: Telal

Tel: 0106 594 4333

Facebook: Baladina.Oriental.Restaurant

Prime Clinics is a medical facility where the wellbeing of you and your loved ones comes first. From initial contact onward, Prime Clinics team are dedicated healthcare professionals who have the expertise to meet the needs of their patients. As the name indicates, Prime Clinics is all about prime healthcare provision. They make every effort possible to provide the highest standards of healthcare and wellness treatment their patients have come to expect.

Location: Telal

Tel: 0100 099 8282 – 0101 950 5555

Facebook: PrimeClinicEG

Instagram: @prime_clinics

Website: www.prime-clinics.com

The Burger Factory brings together signature recipes, premium ingredients & freshly baked buns to deliver an exquisite mouth-watering experience.

Location: Telal

Tel: 0102 777 5589

Facebook: TheBurgerFactory.EG

Working Hours: 2PM – 2AM

Move is a fitness entity providing functional training programs.

It doesn’t matter if you goal is losing eight, gaining muscle, living longer, or healthier nutrition, Move has fully fledged, caring coaches that work with you to reach your goal.

Location: Javelin Club in Telal

Tel: 0122 161 6783

Facebook: Move.Egypt15

Working Hours: 11AM – 5PM

Mad Dogs 73 serves 100% premium beef Hot Dogs and Beat Patties, Corn Dogs, Fries and slushies.

This season’s desserts are a must-try! Choose from cheesecake, cupcakes and marble cakes.

Location: Telal Beach

Tel: 0114 342 1144

Facebook: MadDogs73EG

Working Hours: 11Am – 7PM / Telal’s Sports Area from 8PM to 2AM

At Mo Bistro you can enjoy upscale casual dining and a guaranteed good time.

Enjoy home ambience and delicious cuisine, served with passion and care.

Location: Telal

Tel: 0128 800 9554 – 0128 800 9664

Facebook: MoBistroEgypt

Working Hours: 10AM – 12AM

Rigoletto offers ice cream, ice cream cakes, chocolate cake, cheesecake, and tarts.

Special Rigoletto flavors include Cinnamon Dates, Vanilla Croquant, Asaleya, Turkish Coffee, Licorice, Mint Chocolate.

Rigoletto’s cakes can be found in Dreams Supermarket (Telal and La Vista) + Seuodi Market in Marassi.

Location: Diplo 3, Telal Beach, Hacienda White Beach, La Vista, Marassi

Tel: 0102 666 3112

Facebook: RigolettoIceCream.eg

Working Hours: 11AM – 1AM

Il Divino is the latest Italian addition to the Egyptian dining scene.

Enjoy homemade, wooden oven pizza – crispy, tasty, thin pizza which is made from traditional Italian recipes.

Location: Telalians

Facebook: IlDivinoPizzeria

Tel: 0100 002 7231 – 0127 515 9444

Working Hours: 12PM – 3AM

Pottery Café combines a diverse menu, superb service, as well as a friendly atmosphere for friends to meet up and have a new dining experience.

Location: Telalians, The Platform

Tel: 0101 222 8806

Facebook: PottryCafe.Net

Working Hours: 12PM – 3AM

The Beach Bar by The Lemon tree offers a tantalizing, light and friendly ambience reflected in the neutral relaxing tones of its interiors and warm lighting.

There is no better way to enjoy a day at the beach with delectable food choices, fresh juices, and a sparkle taste of cocktails while facing crystal blue waters and ivory white sand.

Location: Telal

Working Hours: 4:30PM – 8PM, 10PM – 2AM

The Boutique by The Lemon Tree and Co. is a home for the trendiest local designs and brands since 2015. It reflects a blend of intellectual local artists and high quality designs.

Location: Telal

Working Hours: 3PM – 1AM

Tel: 0112 166 6022

Instagram: @thelemontreeboutique

Telalians by The Platform is a hub for some of the finest restaurants, cafés and retail venues, embracing the ideal tenant mix. Ranging from offering a hearty breakfast to a fine summer dinner, head to Telalians to grab coffee, lunch with the family, or hang out with friends. Enjoy your summer, day or night, at Telalians by The Platform.

Location: Telal North Coast – Gate 2

Tel: 0110 222 4877 / 0110 222 4899

Working Hours: 10 am – 3 am

TBS or The Bakery Shop is a fresh local bakery that serves everything from bread to pastries and desserts. Started in 2008, TBS has become one of the most successful high end Bakery Shops in Egypt. Our watchword is fresh ; and our products are always baked in front of you.

Location: Diplo 3, La Vista, Telal, Marrasi, Total Marina 4 and Total Marina 5

Tel: 0112 384 8282 – 16679

Facebook: TBSFresh

Instagram: @tbsegypt

Working Hours: Weekends 7 am – 4 am
Weekdays 7 am – 12 am

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