Sax: Upscale Delights at The Address Golf Resort in Marassi


If, like us, you have been drooling in anticipation of the opening of Sax, your wait is over. Your foodie fantasies are now within grasp, subject to you finding a table, as they are sure to be in high demand.

Type of cuisine: Eclectic, innovative dishes with a Mediterranean flair.

What You Will Find

Enter the door with your taste buds primed and ready for action. This is food to be taken seriously. The well-curated menu is balanced and not overly contrived. In other words, this is food for real people, who appreciate fresh, quality, seasonal ingredients, prepared and cooked with respect and passion. So, where would we start? Sax

The starters sound fresh and inviting, and we would definitely go for Summer Rolls, delicate wraps of rice paper filled with shrimp, rice noodles, avocado and mixed vegetables, served with ponzu sauce and gingered pickles.

Paired with Beetroot and Artichoke Salad, a healthy-sounding mix of fresh beetroot cooked with star anise, marinated artichoke hearts mixed with kale and mesclun leaves topped with grated parmesan, dried cranberries and raisins, roasted sliced almonds and lemon oil, it would pave the way nicely for what would follow.Sax

We are also highly tempted by the idea of a nice crunchy bruschetta, with brown baguette bread drizzled with olive oil and topped with smoked salmon, sour cream and mangoes vying for our attention against brown baguette bread drizzled with olive oil and topped with Brie cheese, sundried tomato tapenade, mixed mushrooms and freshly picked thyme. Decisions, decisions… Sax

We have been known to forgo a main course in favor of a risotto, and the Mushroom Risotto with Arborio rice, forestière mushrooms, and Portobello Shimaji mushrooms, drizzled with olive oil and topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese ticks just the right boxes for us.

The carnivores amongst us would no doubt jump at the chance of getting their teeth into Veal Brisket Tacos. Slow-cooked veal brisket mixed with homemade barbeque sauce in freshly baked tortilla bread topped with cheddar cheese and served with guacamole would be a palate pleaser, for sure. Sax

The main courses offer a nice balance between poultry, prime beef of various cuts with a choice of garnishes and sauces, and fresh seafood. The grilled fresh seabass with ratatouille lentils, glazed fennel and a Grenobloise sauce would be a light yet flavor-packed option, as would the grilled Cajun chicken skewers, glazed potato wedges and roasted mushrooms served with harissa and olive tapenade.

With barely any room for dessert, we still might not be able to pass up on one of the mouthwatering chocolate creations. Willpower is not our strong suit.

Beverages: Full bar, creative cocktails and soft options.

SaxContact information

Opening hours: 8 pm until 2 am

Address: The Address Golf Resort in Marassi, Sa7el

Tel: 0120 000 8377


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