Chiringuito Resto-bar in Seashell: A Latin American-Mediterranean Infusion


The latest addition to the Sanctum Hospitality list of success stories, Chiringuito rolls out some of the most tantalizing bites and coolest cocktails on the North Coast. Drawing on Peruvian flavors intertwined with a strong Mediterranean approach, this is fusion cuisine at its most playful.

Type of cuisine: Bite-sized bliss in the form of pintxos, tapas, appetizers and rather naughty desserts. Chiringuito

Signature dishes: Peruvian Baked Salmon, Whole Salt-Baked Seabass, Churro Tower, Tuna Mango Tartare, Tomato Cacio e Pepe Salad, Beef Tartare Pintxos

What You Will Find

Shall we start with the amazingly creative cocktails? We would try a couple at least, to whet our appetites for a foray into what appears to be a winning menu. This type of food works best with a group of friends, so you can justify ordering nearly everything on offer.

ChiringuitoWe would happily start with Mushroom and Grilled Shrimp, a tempting combination of buttered shrimp, Portobello mushroom, bresaola and Parmesan sauce on a fresh, crusty baguette, paired with a plate of Charred Tomato Goat Cheese, a vegetarian delight of charred cherry tomatoes, honey, goat cheese and chimichurri sauce, also on a baguette.

It would be sheer madness to overlook the Truffle Beef Tartare and the Salmon and Anchovy baguette with jalapeño chalaquita of course, even though we would be eyeing up the range of appetizers by then. Chiringuito

By then it would be time for another round of cocktails, then down to the serious business of carb-fueled indulgence. Who doesn’t love their potatoes? So, it would be a toss-up between French fries with truffle mushroom sauce and grated Parmesan, or Patatas Bravas, that inspired dish of roasted potatoes, spicy sauce, aioli and paprika, liberally sprinkled with grated Parmesan. Somehow, I think we would go for both. Chiringuito

ChiringuitoKeeping the mood of the beachside venue, we would then most probably opt for Rock Shrimp Tempura, a mouthwatering platter of battered shrimp, creamy spicy mayo, truffle oil and green chili along with a serving of Mezcal Calamari Chicharrón. Soy battered calamari, chili jam, Peruvian tartare sauce and pico de gallo would go down in a flash.

Saving the inviting range of salads and raw specialties for a next visit, with ceviche and tiradito already on our shortlist, we would share a dessert or two, along with a round of Espresso Martinis to nurse as we sank into the mellow evening vibe. Chiringuito

Beverages: Full bar, including sangria, signature wine apéritifs, and brilliant cocktails. Cold and hot soft options as well. Chiringuito

Top tip: Ask about the Chiringuito Mixer Package that you can take to the beach, or anywhere. It includes 2 Chiringuito Mixer Bottles, 4 Chiringuito Cups, 3 Red Bull Cans, 1 bag of ice, and garnish for drinks. Just bring your bottle.

Contact information

Opening hours: 2 pm to 1 am

Address: Seashell, Sa7el

Tel: 12 pm to 8 pm on 0127 111 3764/5

Facebook: ChiringuitobySanctum

Instagram: @chiringuitobysanctum

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