Sa7el on a Budget of EGP 300-a-Day: Yes! It’s Possible!


Here’s how you can have your best day ever in Sa7el, without breaking the bank and only spending EGP 300 or possibly less, fingers crossed… Sa7el on a Budget

By Ahmed Talal

Kickstart your day the right way by having an organic breakfast at Nabat Farms in Diplo’s beach and pool area. Indulge in fresh and tasty ingredients as you enjoy the beach scenery.

Make sure to pair that meal with some top-of-the-line coffee from 30NORTH just around the corner in Diplo to bump up your energy levels ahead of a fun day. Great places to mix and match different meals and beverages with friends and family with a price range from anywhere between EGP 50-80 per person. Sa7el on a Budget

Nabat Farms (Diplo)

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30NORTH (Diplo, Lakeyard, Telal, Caesar Bay, Sunset Blvd.)

Sa7el on a BudgetInstagram: 30northcoffee

Facebook: 30NORTH

Get into some fun activities straight away as the food is light and energizing. Try classic beach activities like football, volleyball, and racquet. After breaking a bit of a sweat, it’s time for some fun water activities such as snorkeling or even some kayaking, ranging from EGP 50-100 per person. Sa7el on a Budget

You can also participate in different water games. After a nice swim, bring those energy levels back up by enjoying some cheap yet mouthwatering snacks like Freska or ice cream from Dara’s or even head down to Cake Café at the beach for a slice of happiness as we like to call it, all ranging from EGP 50-70.

Dara’s Ice Cream (Seashell)

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Cake Café (Marassi)

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As the sun starts to fade, it’s time to start planning your evening. How about playing some football, basketball, or volleyball at night for a different feel than the morning? With most of the courts buzzing with people, it’s a sure way of making new friends.

If you’re sick of conventional sports, why not try out some Padel, where tennis and squash meet, for a heap of fun. From a long day of thrills and different activities, you will probably be hungry enough to eat a cow. Sa7el on a Budget

Don’t give it a second’s thought and just get yourself to Takosan where you can wrap up your day with those delectable burritos they make. There’s lots to try on the menu, bringing your entire day’s spending to the EGP 300 mark. Sa7el on a Budget

Takosan (Diplo, Seashell, Hacienda White)

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