Your New Fayoum Getaway


Byoum Lakeside Hotel Has a Lot to Offer


Just a short drive from Cairo, the newly opened Byoum Lakeside Hotel is set to be a prime weekend getaway destination for Cairenes seeking a respite from the clamor of the city. Owned by Orascom Hotels and Development, the hotel is managed by Orascom Hotel Management. The hotel itself is a replica of the Hotel Paridisio, El Gouna’s first hotel.


The hotel ambience and decor reflect the casual, trendy and nature-oriented surroundings, and it boasts two swimming pools, restaurants, tourism and excursion desk and a kids’ area. A felucca dining experience on Lake Qarun will be an added feature. The total of 62 rooms are a mix of standard doubles, executive suites and two bedroom apartment suites. There is also the possibility of owning your own room or suite, under a rental contract, and having use of it 30 days a year. The remaining days can be used as regular hotel rooms, with the proceeds being split between the owner and the hotel.


Fayoum is becoming an increasingly popular destination due to its proximity to Cairo, its sophisticated yet budget-friendly facilities, and increasingly active cultural scene. There is no shortage of activities geared to all age groups. In the area are well-known attractions like the Valley of the Whales, the massive sand dunes, Lake Qarun and Qarun Castle, Tunis Pottery Village and the nearby Greco Roman ruins. For anyone wanting to wind down, and simply chill, the scenery and serene atmosphere of Fayoum, and the Byoum Lakeside Hotel provide everything needed to do just that.


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