The Tap: Vinyl DJing Makes a Comeback!



DJing has come a long way since its simple beginnings in the 1940s. As music was introduced into radio stations as a way of breaking up the monotonous talking, there grew a requirement for specialist equipment on which radio presenters could play their tunes. As the musical element grew in popularity, consequently, the need for equipment which could shift easily from one tune to another also grew.

And so, turntables were born and the vinyl revolution began. These famous wax black discs were the first way that music could be properly reproduced and sold on a mass scale. As a result, radio stations could ensure a constant stream of new music to play for their listeners. Moreover, the sound quality of vinyl is better than music played off of a CD or MP3. Vinyl is fuller, rounder, and has deeper bass. There is no warmth from an MP3. The slightest bit of clipping created by the DJ will cause harsh distortion coming from a digital medium; vinyl is much more forgiving.

Egypt’s party scene has been on the rise and ventures such as music studios and music stores have also been helping it evolve. More and more producers have the opportunity to grow with music production courses as well as providing musicians and producers a place to buy equipment and instruments.  But sadly, this is not the case for vinyl DJs and collectors, whose suppliers are very limited! Not to mention that the level of awareness of this old-school style of deejaying is not very well known.

Local music scene hero Ahmed Samy is probably one the first names that come to mind when speaking of vinyl, as well as DJ Mazen Hamdy, Zeina, Sewwes, TATA, and several others that you can catch performing in the recently created signature night #WAX by The Tap, which allows vinyl DJs and collectors to play as well as exchange vinyl.

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