Qawha at Mall of Arabia’s The Park


The inner sanctum of Mall of Arabia is rapidly becoming the place to catch up with friends over coffee and a tasty bite. Our morning visit to Qawha, one of the best breakfast places in Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October, showed us just how quickly good news can spread.

Qawha aficionados could debate for hours about their favorite dishes. Honestly, we love them all. Spoiled for choice, we went for some top picks on our visit. Definitely don’t miss out on the amazing coffee selection though.

With the morning sun gently warming up the spacious outdoor terrace, our thoughts went straight to coffee. After all, Qawha does it sooo well. It came within minutes, tall and hot. Just the way we like it.

Regulars also know that Qawha has really generous servings, so with appetites primed, we didn’t waste time tucking into a spot-on Garden Omelet. Picture-pretty, it came with a garnish of chopped peppers, onion, tomato, mushroom and cheese. Add on the salad garnish, roast potatoes and sautéed mushrooms and you have a breakfast to sustain you through the longest day. Our Croque Madame and Turkish Benedict were every bit as good, the latter being a unique take on the classic. Served on freshly baked flatbread, with garlic herbed sun-dried tomato labneh and chili flake-infused butter, the two superbly poached eggs took on an Oriental twist. Qahwa coffee and breakfast in Zayed

The setting was so pleasant we decided to extend our breakfast with something sweet to nibble on while we finished our coffee. Based on sound recommendations, we shared servings of Lotus Biscuit Cheesecake, Oreo Chocolate Pancakes, and an over-the-top decadent Volcano Cake.

The portions were massive, and it was only the fact that they were all totally yummy that gave us the strength to demolish them. The cheesecake was melt-in-the mouth light; the pancakes came with lashings of fudge sauce and a huge scoop of chocolate ice-cream. The Volcano cake was another chocolate indulgence, with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. That was a big enough sugar overload to fuel us right through the month, but hey, no regrets!

Other Menu Options that Appealed

We would love to pop back for lunch one day to try the Cobb Salad. The combination of iceberg lettuce, red kidney beans, pico de gallo, sweet-corn, smoked beef bacon and grilled chicken with grated cheese and ranch dressing sounds like a crowd-pleaser, as does the Stuffed Halloumi sandwich. coffee and breakfast in Zayed

Décor & Ambience

The Park is set out on terraced levels, and Qawha has pride of place right bang in the middle. There are two spacious outdoor areas, along with a cozy indoor area complete with a reading library. The service is impeccable and unobtrusive, with Qawha’s famed attention to detail.

Clientele mix:  By 11 am on the day of our visit, Qawha was buzzing. There were groups of ‘ladies who brunch’, along with business people and groups of friends.

Price range: Reasonable, and considering the portion sizes, excellent value.

Worth noting: The Park is a members-only zone, with a variety of options available. For more information, message or call Qawha.

Contact information

Opening hours:  8.30 am to 12 midnight.
Address: The Park at Mall of Arabia
Tel: 0120 818 9235
Facebook: Qawha Egypt
Instagram: qawhaegypt

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