Our Talented, Dynamic, Summer Interns


Our Talented, Dynamic, Summer Interns!

If there is anything that jolts us out of our routine it is the influx of bright-eyed young interns that descends upon us each summer. Armed with ideas galore, strong opinions, creative skills and an urge to learn; they invigorate, impress and inspire us.

A big thanks to all of you for being part of our team, we hope your experience with Cairo West Magazine proves to be a constructive stepping stone to a bright future in your chosen fields.

“My first impression of the place was great. I loved how it looked and I loved how all the walls were so colorful. The people that work at Cairo West Magazine are also very friendly, they care about your opinion and want you to feel at home.” – Alia Erfan

“Overall, my experience at Cairo West was very pleasant. The team is very lively and friendly and was able to give me an adequate amount of information regarding each department and a sufficient amount of work to keep me busy, yet not overworked.”- Aliaa Fawzy

“This was a very useful and pleasant experience and I hope that one day when I graduate I will be able to work in a friendly environment like Cairo West Magazine. The teamwork in Cairo West Magazine is very strong and good, which I believe is the reason why the magazine is so successful, it showed me how teamwork is essential in the sphere of media.” – Yomon Al Mallah

“The team is amazing, full of potential, creativity and most of all support. I wouldn’t call it a firm; I would call them a family. I really did enjoy my experience here, I had the chance to rotate amongst every department and I got to know the process of how a magazine issue is developed.”        – Sandra Hani

What we learned from interviews our interns conducted:

What do you love about social media?

“Social media is the best way of communicating with people that live in other countries. I have a lot of friends living abroad so the best way of talking to them and knowing how they are doing is through social media networks.”

“It is also easily accessible; I can easily check it wherever and whenever. Not just that, but I can also follow a specific band or music that I like on one of the social media networks like Facebook for example and I can know when they have upcoming events that I can attend.”

“ I enjoy the idea that it keeps us connected to the world around us because we can easily and instantly be updated with the latest news in any country regardless of its location. I also like the idea that ideas are shared and that it is an online platform for inspiration in many different fields. It also gives easy access to information about almost every topic one can think of, with minimal effort.”

The downside of social media “It consumes a lot of time, some of which could be used more efficiently. It also decreases interaction between humans since they get caught up with their phones or electronic devices. It could also be used for harmful things such as cyber bullying, hacking and spying.”

What people enjoy about Cairo West Magazine:

“I enjoy the What’s Up section the most as I like knowing about new things that are trending. The What’s Up section gives restaurant reviews and tells you about new restaurants and I’m interested in trying new places to dine in. Also, this section tells you if there are any upcoming events to attend, so the first thing I do is look at those events to see if there is any event that interests me.”

“The What’s Up section keeps me updated with what’s in, what’s new, what’s good and what’s not. I find it enjoyable because I actually get introduced to new places.”

“The Fashion and Beauty sections because I am very interested in fashion  and each time they feature different stores and they don’t repeat the things they put before.”

“I enjoy the wellbeing section – because it talks about staying fit and healthy, it has great meal plans and recipes to keep you fit, healthy and de-toxed.”

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