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If you are searching for a truly wonderful seafood experience, the newly opened Ocea in Korba offers just that. Considered on of the best seafood restaurants in Cairo and in Heliopolis.

Type of Cuisine & Signature Dishes

Seafood mania! Appetizers, salads, soups, paella, risotto, pasta, seafood dishes and a couple of non-seafood options. Signature dishes include the Salted Crust Sea bass and Crabs with Ouzo.

Dishes Sampled

The minute you walk into Ocea you know you are about to witness a real seafood experience. Its freshly stocked, daily picks from the Mediterranean and Red Sea are neatly arranged in the ice case. The variety of fish and shellfish depends on seasonality and availability. On that afternoon, the catches of the day were mussels, clams, Red and Grey Mullet, Silverside, squid, crab, Sea Bass, Sole, salmon, Denise and shrimp.

We started off our meal with a Frittura Platter – a dish of various seafood options, dipped in batter and deep-fried to a crunchy golden crispiness. Our platter consisted of deep-fried Silversides (besaria), mussels, calamari and Barbouni served with a special house tartar sauce and sprinkled with capers. The Barbouni was so fresh that you could almost taste the sea, and the tartar sauce balanced the fish taste. We enjoyed our bites with a fruity, aromatic glass of sangria. For main dishes we opted for two different types of fish: Denise and Bouri, cooked in one of Ocea’s signature ways. Our Denise was simply grilled with lemon and garlic – straight forward – preserving the fish’s natural texture and taste, and served with a creamy risotto. The Bouri was seasoned with rada (baladi bread crumbs) and served with traditional Egyptian fish rice. On the side, tehina and baba ghanoug salads – and crispy baladi bread seasoned with spicy paprika. The secret recipe of baba ghanoug makes it the most unique and delicious eggplant salad we have tasted.

Ocea has upped the regular seafood experience a few notches, serving traditional seafood cuisine with a twist.

Other Options that Appealed & Beverages

Ceviche, Poke Bowls and the Salt Crusted Sea Bass. Beverage options include a fully equipped bar.

The Décor & Clientele Mix

The restaurant is situated on the patio of the 1920’s Boutique Hotel. The interior is impressively well done. Ocea is divided into three separate seating areas – a restaurant on the ground floor, a bar on the mezzanine and a roof-top. Light gray walls, dark wood tables, velvet chairs and high ceilings with black light fixtures give it a sophisticated vibe. A very impressive 3D wooden-sticks panel plays with your imagination. The bar is secluded and intimate. The roof top consists of high tables and chairs and also hosts a bar counter. Perfect for a sunset chill out or a breezy summer evening dinner. Guests include seafood lovers, Heliopolis and New Cairo crowd, 30s and up.

Price range:  Reasonably priced

Contact Information

Working Hours: Daily from noon to 2 am, serving lunch from 1 pm.

Address: 58 Beirut Street – 1920’s Boutique Hotel – Heliopolis

Tel: 0103 310 0509

Facebook and Instagram: @oceaegypt

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