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Chicken and Ribs Brings ‘The South’ to Cairo


When a craving for good Southern comfort food hits, this is the place to find it. From mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet corn, fried chicken and tasty ribs. Just roll up your sleeves and enjoy one of the best American food restaurant in Heliopolis.

Signature Dishes

Fried Chicken and Waffles. The rest of the menu is quite substantial, offering a wide variety of appetizers, soups and salads, sandwiches, pastas dishes, fried or roasted chicken and ribs options, as well as a kids’ menu and desserts.

Dishes Sampled

We started with a couple of appetizers, the Bacon Madness, which consisted of three large slices of deep-fried battered beef bacon, topped with melted cheddar cheese and slices of jalapeno; and the BBQ Cheese Fries, topped with pulled beef brisket, diced bell peppers and onions, served on a hot cast plate, which kept the dish warm and the cheese melted. For the main dishes we were presented with a set of plates chosen by the host. First the signature – and best known – dish: Chicken and Waffles Meal. This is a classic Southern sweet and sour dish. Two pieces of hot, crunchy, crispy crusted chicken were served with quartered waffles, maple syrup and coleslaw. The golden crust of the chicken was crunchy on the outside, and the meat was juicy and moist on the inside. It definitely did justice to the fame of this dish. Our second dish was the Big Mamma Special – three pieces of fried chicken served with a bowl of mac n’ cheese, buffalo sauce and slices of garlic bread. The mac n’ cheese was delightful, with its dense, thick, cheesy sauce. It well deserves an honorable mention – we would consider it to be the best in town. Still to come was the Half Roasted Chicken marinated with the special house rub, served with mashed potatoes, gravy and southern style rice.  Our last main dish was the 1/3 Rack Ribs, 10-hour slow-cooked beef ribs, with easily pulled tender meat, served with corn-on-the-cob.  To wrap up our evening we shared a warm Toffee Apple Pie topped with the house-made vanilla ice cream.

Other Options that Appealed

We would love to come and try the Buffalo Wings bucket and Churros for dessert. A wide range of both cold and hot drinks are available.

The Décor

Chicken and Ribs shares the space with its fellow outlet – Butcher’s Burger, which is located on the second floor. The interior of Chicken and Ribs is bright and yellow. A paneled wooden wall displaying black and white posters provides a backdrop to the comfortable faux leather benches and wooden table-tops, giving it the feel of an authentic Southern diner. Across the room, a grey brick wall displays a large blackboard and serves as a corner for a couple of high tables and chairs. A black metal grid wall panel gives way to the second floor Butcher’s Burger.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

The Heliopolis crowd fills the spot and the price range is reasonable. Portions are huge!

Contact Information

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to midnight. Friday and Saturday from 1 pm to 2 am.

Address: 19 Ramses Street, Korba, Heliopolis

Tel: 0121 111 3300

Facebook and Instagram: @ChickenAndRibsEgypt

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