India Along the Nile’s Dahi Ka Gola


Feel like indulging in an authentic Indian appetizer? These delicious fried cheese balls will be the talk of the town at your next gathering, so don the chef’s hat and get rolling!


1000 gm labneh
200 gm cream cheese
300 gm Halloumi cheese
5 gm chopped green chili
20 gm chopped coriander stems
15 gm chopped ginger
100 gm fried onion
2 chopped fresh onion
15 gm table salt
10 gm rock salt
10 gm roasted cumin powder
5 gm mace and cardamom powder
180 gm hummus powder
100 gm Japanese bread crumbs
200 ml oil for frying


Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl, except for oil and Japanese bread crumbs. Mix the ingredients together and roll them into a ball using your palm.

Coat the ball with bread crumbs and chill for four hours.

Heat oil until 180°C and deep fry the prepared yoghurt ball until it turns golden-brown.

Serve hot.

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