From Farm to Table

Cairo is more green – and tasty – these days thanks to Bustan Aquaponics, Egypt’s first commercial aquaponics farm. A seasonal selection of the eco-conscious farm’s pesticide-free produce are now available throughout Cairo. Here’s what to expect:


A Better Food Experience

Bustan Aquaponics was founded in 2011 with the goal of advancing desert farming to help build a more sustainable community. Their vision is to offer clean, great tasting ingredients year-round and strengthen our local food movement with environmentally friendly farming practices.


Fresh. Healthy. Local.

Grown and packed just kilometers outside of Cairo, Bustan Aquaponics’ premium quality produce travels directly from their farm to local retailers and restaurants within a few hours of harvest. The farm grows a variety of seasonal crops ranging from crisp and colorful lettuce and gourmet herbs to antibiotic and homone-free Nile Tilapia and free-range Begawi chicken eggs. They’re continuously experimenting with new crops, exploring more ways to introduce clean produce to our local community.


100% Aquaponic Grown

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants in water without soil) together in a concentrated and sustainable manner. Compared to traditional farming methods, Bustan Aquaponics uses 95% less water and energy allowing them to grow more produce and significantly faster too. Plants grow symbiotically with fish in an integrated and highly beneficial system where disease and waste are drastically reduced.


Farming for Flavor

Grown without pesticides and with the majority of nutrients coming from the natural process of nitrification within their aquaponic culture, Bustan’s products balance great taste and ecology. The result is a more nutritious and more delicious product that is 100% safe and clean for you and our environment – the only way our food should be.



Bustan Aquaponics is available through all Gourmet Egypt stores, Sunny Market (Zamalek), Ma7ali (Maadi) and Offah (Basics Supermarket in City View compound and online at offah.com) and at local restaurants – Crave, Loft 21, Cachimba, Ovio and Tabla Luna. For more information please visit www.bustanaquaponics.com and stay connected with Bustan Aquaponics via their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest feeds.

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