Shrimp: Health Benefits & Intake Recommendations


Wedding season is back again and September weddings are well known to be held outdoors, an excuse to get as much from the beach and the sunny weather as we can before winter. Seafood – namely salmon and shrimp – are a usual hit at weddings. When catering weddings, wedding hosts usually ask us to tailor make their menus and fill them with shrimp cocktail, shrimp towers, chili shrimp and of course the very infamous shrimp konafa.

The next wedding you’re invited to, we highly recommend you go to the shrimp section due to a number of reasons. The first and most important reason is that shrimp is low in calories. The calorie count in a jumbo shrimp that is commonly used in shrimp cocktails is almost only 15 calories while a teaspoon of the cocktail sauce is about 5 calories. The second reason is that shrimp is healthy; it’s full of water, and is very rich in proteins and contains very little amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

Nevertheless, it is no rumor that shrimp contains cholesterol; so next time you are craving shrimp, bear that in mind and limit your intake. Go for grilled, steamed or boiled shrimp and stay away from the fried shrimp. The thin black line in the middle at the back of the shrimp is edible and full of nutrients.

Here are a few easy tips on adding shrimp to your daily meals.

  1. Cut a few cooked shrimps and add them to your regular vegetable soup.
  2. Dip cooked shrimp in regular salsa dip, serve in a glass and you now have shrimp cocktail.
  3. Grill a few shrimps and add them to a bed of lettuce and you have a healthy salad, full of good proteins.
  4. Add some shrimp to your pasta sauce while it’s on the stove and then add the pasta to it.
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