18 Places to Source Organic Fruit and Vegetables in Cairo


By: Mariam Elhamy

We went on a hunt for the best sources for organic food, and look what we came up with. Celebrate with salads, smoothies and seasonal specialties!

Bustan Aquaponics

Bustan Aquaponics offers pesticide-free produce grown in a locally developed and ecologically balanced aquaponic system using 90% less water than traditional farming practices. It also offers antibiotic and hormone-free Nile Tilapia, hand-picked Manzanilla olive oil, and free-range Begawi chicken eggs.

Available through: Gourmet Egypt stores, Sunny Market (Zamalek), Ma7ali (Maadi), Offah (online and City View Compound), ElMarket (Maadi), Nature’s Market (online and Zamalek) and Grumart (Heliopolis).

Farm Visits: Check for the next tour through the Facebook page. The visit fee also includes a bag of freshly harvested produce.

Bustan Aquaponics’ contact details

Fresh Food Market

Fresh Food Market offers a good variety of organic produce alongside its wide range of imported and local grocery items.

Fresh Food Market’s contact details


Jana is an organic company based on exporting fresh fruits and vegetables all around the world as well as being available in the local market.

Available through: Offah

Jana Agriculture’s contact details


Ma7ali is a locally-sourced gourmet grocery and delicatessen with food which is healthy, sustainable, and locally-produced. They offer a range of organic produce, smoked meats, homemade sauces, condiments, salsas and more.

Ma7ali’s contact details


Offah.com is an Egyptian web-to-door purchase and delivery service of premium fresh fruits and vegetables. It specialises in fresh produce grown in Egypt for export markets, which meet EU standards of produce quality and health. The operation is based on pack-to-order principle, thus the order will be harvested and packed for you and delivered to your doorstep within less than 24 hours from its harvest. The delivery fleet of vehicles is equipped to maintain the temperature of the products.

Delivery: Currently covering greater Cairo.

Offah’s contact details

Wadi Food

Wadi Food offers a wide variety of fresh produce including green beans, artichokes, sweet pepper, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, grapes, strawberries, pomegranates and more. Additional fruits and vegetables can be grown per the client’s request. Fruits and vegetables are certified free of any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically-modified organisms or other contaminants.

Delivery: Available

Wadi Food’s contact details

Emosha’s Pure & Natural Organic Food

Order organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, poultry, eggs, beef and dairy, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, olives, fresh juices and vegan options all with reasonable prices from Emosha.

Eco Greens

Eco Greens hydroponic living products include: Lettuce – a range of varieties you can buy as semi-grown plants for replanting and harvesting at home. Their certified organic products include capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomato and bell peppers. Herbs, broccoli, red cabbage, cauliflower and sweet strawberry are also on offer.

EcoGreens’ contact details

Organic Food

Gourmet Egypt

Gourmet only chooses to collaborate with suppliers that share their passion and values and sources the finest products from partners who aim to find the most sustainable, safe and innovative methods of production. A wide range of pesticide-free and organic fruit, vegetables and herbs is available in-store and by delivery.

Gourmet Egypt’s contact details

Kom El Dikka Agrilodge

Located on the banks of Lake Qarun in Fayoum, Kom El Dikka Agrilodge produces freshly baked baladi farm bread and feteer as well as freshly picked organic vegetables.

Delivery: Available to Maadi, Zamalek, 6th October and Sheikh Zayed within 48 hours, straight from the farm.

Kom el Dikka Agrilodge’s contact details

Organic Food

Minnie’s Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Minnie’s Dried Fruits & Vegetables uses solar energy to produce high-quality dried products and provides training and employment for underprivileged women in rural areas. Products are 100% natural with no added sugar, chemicals, preservatives or flavor enhancers.

Minnie’s Dried Fruits & Vegetables’ contact details

Sarah’s Organic Food

Sarah’s Organic Food delivers clean food once a week, in a hand woven reusable basket with minimal packaging. Organic produce is grown on the farm and is EU-certified organic, and premium produce comes from responsible growers and neighbouring farms that grow without chemicals and pesticides. Sarah’s produce is sold at Nun Center in Zamalek every Saturday and Tuesday, and Thursday at the CSA in Maadi.

Available through: Gourmet, Sunny, Offah, Go Green, Carrefour, Best Way in Gouna.

Delivery: Via the website, Facebook page or phone (calling and What’s App).

Sara’s Organic Food’s contact details

Wiiwii’s Farm

Wiiwii’s Farm is based on a passion for growing chemical-free plants according to their natural timing and cycle. Organic farming guidelines are used to assure healthy products and protection of the environment.

Farm visits: By arrangement – pick your own produce.

Delivery: Available.

Wiiwii’s Farm’s contact details

Organic Food

Egyptian Hydrofarms

Using locally developed hydroponic growing technology; Egyptian Hydrofarms grows lettuce and herbs directly in PH-balanced water that is enriched with the perfect amount of nutrients. Aside from the fresh produce they supply, they also design, build and operate hydroponic farms for those who may be interested. ​

Available through: Gourmet Egypt stores, Seoudi Supermarkets, Fresh Food Market, Sunny Market and Offah in City View.

Also found in Gouna & Hurghada in Best Way Supermarket.

Delivery: Order online through Gourmet or Offah for home delivery.

Farm visits: Available, contact through Facebook.

Egyptian Hydrofarms’ contact details 


Greenolic offers a wide range of organic and chemical-free products including fruit and vegetables, honey, poultry and eggs, dairy products, meat, herbs and spices, nuts, dried fruit and dried vegetables.

Delivery: Available daily except Wednesday and Friday.

Farm Visits: By arrangement.

Greenolic’s contact details

Organic Food

Nūn Center Farmers’ Market

On Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm, in the garden of Nūn Center, vendors bring fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from selected suppliers, delicious homemade jams, dried fruits and fresh virgin olive oil, and bread from a brick oven in Aswan.

Nūn Center’s contact details

Makar Farms

Makar Farms provides an extensive range of hydroponically grown and organically certified salad greens, vegetables and herbs available depending on the season.

Available through: Offah, Gourmet and leading food retailers such as Seoudi, and Sunny.

Delivery: Available.

Makar Farms’ contact details


Tabi3y supplies organic plants, herbs, poultry and eggs, and the know-how of organic agriculture so you can grow at home, either on your balcony or in your garden.

Available through: Arkan Farmers’ Market, Offah or delivery directly through Tabi3y.

Tabi3y’s contact details

Organic Food


Rdna أرضنا is a specialty grocery store & a community food initiative. They sell local products that are clean and affordable for people who want to be more mindful of what they eat.

Farmers’ Markets

Many of the above suppliers sell their produce at local Farmers’ Markets around town. Check which are nearest to you!

Sheikh Zayed: FB: Arkan.Page / GueziraPlaza

Zamalek: FB: Zamalekmarket7

Maadi: FB: livinginegypt / osanafamilywellness


Organic Food

Bostan Set El Hosn      

Products: Organic chicken, ducks, extra-virgin olive oil and honey.

Available through: Delivery, by What’s App except for Friday.

FB: bostansetelhosn

Manoufia Honey

This rural apiary produces a variety of pure, sugar-free natural honey.

Available through: Greenolic, German Bakery, Ma7ali.

Manoufia Honey’s contact details


Imtenan sells pure, organic honey through its specialized Health Food Stores and Corners in 29 locations all over Egypt. There are also selected product ranges available in all major supermarkets and pharmacy chains.

Imtenan’s contact details

Malak’s Honey

Malak’s Honey is raw and unfiltered with no preservatives or additives, making it ideal for medicinal purposes and as an immunity system builder. Profits from sale help selected Egyptian charities, with a primary focus on cancer treatments.

Available through: Orders can be placed directly by email or Facebook page. Also found in select health food stores and through Offah.

Malak’s Honey’s contact details

Contact List

Bustan Aquaponics
KM 28, Cairo-Alex Desert Road.
Tel: 0102 034 8899

Eco Greens
KM 58, Cairo Alex Desert Road
Tel: 0115 554 1444

Egyptian Hydrofarms
KM 52, Cairo-Alex Desert Road
Tel: 0128 321 8280

Fresh Food Market
5th Settlement: Point 90 Mall, in front of
AUC Gate 5
Tel: 0120 622 2215 – 0100 034 0709
Sheikh Zayed: Plaza 34 Building
Tel: 0109 222 1245 – 0120 622 2216
Palm Hills: Street 88, Palm Hills
Tel: 0120 622 2217 – 0100 034 0729

Gourmet Egypt
Delivery: 19339 or order online
Web: www.gourmetegypt.com

Tel: 0120 428 4440
Web: www.greenolic.com/

Kom El Dikka Agrilodge
Tel: 0127 150 0504

Makar Farms
Tel: 0122 389 5208

10b Rd 11, Sakanat El Maadi
Tel: 0114 848 2448

Minnie’s Dried Fruits & Vegetables
Tel: 0111 104 7555, or What’sApp

Nature’s Market
Tel: 0102 088 8046
Web: ngs-egypt.com

Nūn Center Farmers’ Market
4 Shafik Mansour, Floor 2
Tel: 0122 398 0898

Web: www.offah.com

Sara’s Organic Food
Tel: 0101 894 4699
Web: www.sarasorganicfood.com

Tel: 0102 121 0690 / 0100 233 8077
Web: www.tabi3y.com

Wiiwii’s Farm
KM 58 Cairo Alex Desert Road, Exit 5
Tel: 0122 244 6699

Wadi Food
10 Managem & Mahager St.,
Tel: 0233043839 – 0233043837

Bostan Set El Hosn
KM 52 Cairo-Alex Desert Road
Tel: 0114 780 2050

Tel: 16246
Web: www.imtenan.com

Sold at KMT House, Villa 73, Street 15, Maadi Sarayat Cairo
Delivery zone: Maadi
Tel: 0128 560 0011
Email: [email protected]
Facebook / Instagram


Emosha’s Pure & Natural Organic Food
Delivery zone: Citywide
Tel: 0115 529 3773
Facebook / Instagram

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