Tips for Choosing a Life Coach


Who can you turn to when things start to unravel and you can’t seem to quite get it together? Confused and at a crossroads? Not achieving your goals or using your time productively? Life can throw us any number of curveballs, so that is when having an impartial but empathetic ‘go-to’ person can be the solution.

Cairo West Magazine caught up with Shahira Rifaat, Transformational Leadership & Mentor Coach and President of ICF Egypt, to learn what a life coach does and how to be sure a coach has the skills and qualifications required.

CWM: What can a life coach do?

SR: The role of a life coach is to partner with clients in a thought-provoking, creative process in order to maximize his or her personal and professional potential. A coach can assist a client in identifying his or her goals and help develop solutions and strategies in order to achieve them.

How can a person be confident that a life coach has the necessary accreditation?

ICF Egypt is part of the International Coaching Federation, a global network whose members are certified to the highest standards. Life coaches listed with ICF are trained professionals who meet the established IFC Code of Ethics and have acquired the necessary certification, such as ACTP and ACSTH with levels of ACC, PCC, MCC. With so many people out there purporting to be ‘life coaches’, it is vital to ensure that you choose wisely, so to learn more refer to or

What are the most important things to keep in mind about life coaching?

  • A life coach should not be confused with a therapist, mentor or consultant. A life coach supports the client in developing fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities and knowing how to implement them.
  • Ultimately, the client is accountable and responsible for finding solutions and taking decisions.
  • Life coaching can boost a client’s self-confidence and help him or her on a voyage of deeper self-awareness.
  • An ACC (Associate Certified Coach) must have undergone 60+ hours of training in addition to 100+ hours of coaching experience.
  • A PCC (Professional Certified Coach) must have undergone 125+ hours of training in addition to 500+ hours of coaching experience.
  • An MCC (Master Certified Coach) must have undergone 200+ hours of training in addition to 2500+ hours of coaching experience.

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