Taboon: Urban Lebanese Kitchen at Westown Hub


A family-friendly spot with all the ingredients for a relaxed evening out for Lebanese food in Sheikh Zayed.

Type of cuisine & Signature Dishes

This restaurant offers traditional Lebanese cuisine with a contemporary twist. Signature dishes include Taboon on the Grill (for two), Fatteh with Shawerma, Fatteh with Kofta, Shish Taouk, El Basha We Asakro (veal shank, shish barak and kebbeh cooked with yoghurt and served with white rice).

Dishes Sampled

Appetites primed, we were more than ready for an early dinner to make up for skipping lunch. We couldn’t miss out on our big-time favorites, Mehamara, a potent blend of red peppers and walnuts with pomegranate, and Moutabel, with grilled eggplant and tehina, yoghurt and olive oil. To follow up we decided on Kebbeh Halabeya, a halaby-style fried kebbeh with an aromatic blend of herbs, pine nuts, cinnamon, sumac and pomegranate molasses.

To round it off, we opted to share a Fatteh Djaj (Chicken Fatteh with chickpeas and yoghurt), without the customary rice we enjoy in the Egyptian version. We were assured that rice could be requested as a side dish, though.

Taking the hearty recommendation of our friendly waiter we ordered something to sip on while we were waiting. Or, should we say, something to slurp and munch on… The Jory Flower with Mann and Salwa turned out to be a heavenly but sweet concoction created from rose water syrup, ice cream, chunks of pistachio nougat and rose petal conserve. It was something very different, and we would order it willingly on any future visit.

It didn’t take long for food to arrive at the table, all items we had ordered in one go. Where to start, we wondered? By the time we worked our way around to the Chicken Fatteh it unfortunately was colder than we would have liked, but hey, next time we will ask to have the dishes served in courses.

The night air had boosted our appetites, so we decided to share a Konafa Nabulsi before hitting the road. Hot and cheesy, with the characteristic flavor of rosewater we were becoming used to, it was a pleasant way to cap off the meal.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverage Options

The shawerma sounds good, so that would be on our list. Beverage options include a lot of traditional drinks to choose from, in addition to tea, coffee, juices and soft drinks.

Décor & Ambience

Décor is simple and contemporary, with ample outdoor seating overlooking the courtyard of Westown Hub. A lot of the seating is lounge-style, making it perfect for easing back and enjoying a shisha or two while the children play to their hearts content within easy reach.

The atmosphere relaxed and casual. Not really a date-night venue, but it works well for families or groups of friends wanting to grab a bite and catch up. The usual screens are available so nobody misses out on the latest match or series.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

On our visit we saw mainly young families, not surprisingly as the area really caters so well for moms and dads who want to get out and about with the kids. A point worth noting, Il Divino Pizza also shares the space, so if the little ones are not into Lebanese cuisine, they should be happy to munch away on a wood-fired oven pizza. Price range is moderate.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 9 am to 11.30 pm. Breakfast is served.

Address: Westown Hub Sodic

Tel: 0101 222 8815

Facebook / Instagram: TaboonRestaurant

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