Zazy’s Cairo


By Zazy Hafez


Things to do around Cairo to make you fall in love with the city all over again!


A Walk in Old Cairo

Fatimid Cairo is a one of those time travel journeys where every building has a million tales to tell. Walk beside the ancient buildings and feel the beautiful energy while you admire the architecture and wonder what stories these stones may have witnessed.


Book Signings

Such events are very inspiring; to read a book and discuss it with the author is a very interesting chance to stretch your mind. Sherouk book stores have book clubs in every branch around the city that hold multiple events every month. Diwan also hosts a lot of events and Zee Culture Club has one every month as well in Zayed.



Just being next to the Nile is a heavenly experience. Either rent a felucca from DokDok in Garden City or Maadi Corniche with your friends, or get on one of the luxurious cruises. An experience like no other.


Horseback Riding

Horses are believed to have very strong positive energy; ranking second after dolphins. Spending time in nature generally, and with horses especially is very good for you. There are plenty of stables in the Sakkara area; all you have to do is search.



Catch a movie every week, buy popcorn and lose yourself in the darkness, merge with the characters, melt in the story, be selfless, be them, live their life for a few hours, feel their feelings, I think we become more human when we watch a movie.


Opera House

InesAbd El Dayem, the new President of the Opera is doing a great job filling up the schedule with beautiful performances. Don’t miss out; check their schedule regularly.



There is some very interesting experimental work taking place by young talents in Al Taliaa theater, Hanager Theater and the National Theater. For example, A Night From One Thousand Nights by the legendary Beiram El Tonsy is a must see, starring the great Yehia El Fakharany.


Visiting Craftsmen

Visit people who craft with their hands. Try the Wissa Wassef Community in Harraneya, it is beautiful to watch. Hand blown glass, beads, copper and gold workshops display amazing talents that are marvelous to watch. If your heart falls for one craft, follow it, it may just turn into a lifetime hobby.


Visiting Mosques and Churches

Amr Ibn El Ass is a place where the doors to the heaven are quite open. Besides its spiritual significance, its architecture is very inspiring, just like all of old Cairo. Churches have beautiful energy and architecture too. Try to visit Marigerges, and the Hanging Church in the Malek El Saleh area.


Walks by the Nile

Yes, Montaza street, Zamalek, Maadi Corniche, or across the Sheraton. Find your spot and appreciate the beauty around you.



Workshops for self-development are becoming very popular. Nun Centre in Zamalek has a full schedule each month, also OSANA centre in Maadi and the Swiss Club in Kitkat. Mashrabeyet Rafe’ offers beautiful programs for self-development all year round.


Yoga And Meditation

Wellness centers in many parts of Cairo host yoga sessions. Mariam Sobhy in Beit Maryam does amazing sessions of yoga and Sufi meditation.


I really hope that we enjoy our city the way it deserves, the problem is in our style of life, not in the city itself.


Please check our address book for contact details for activities.

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