Art Scene Oct 2016



mashrabiaExhibition: Anthology

Artist: Keizer

Address: 8, Champollion St., Downtown

When: 16th October – 30th November

Details: Known for tackling global issues, oppression and social injustice, the anonymous artist brings back his uncompromising subversive thought- provoking art to Downtown, where his revolutionary art was born. It has always been hard to categorize Keizer’s work into one neat box, this is why he doesn’t have to worry about being misinterpreted or pigeon-holed.


The Shelter

Oratoire d'Orgeval
Oratoire d’Orgeval

Exhibition: Our Planet

Artist: Emmanuele Staub , Jacques Bayol, Hisham Farouk, Rafael Elmahri and others

Address: Yamama Center , Zamalek

When: 14th – 23rd October

Details: Egyptian and International photographers each presenting a slice of earth.



safarkhanExhibition: Alive Memory

Artist: Ibrahim Khatab

Address: 6, Brazil St., Zamalek

When: 10th October – 10th November

Details: Khatab’s passion for street bill boards and the calligraphy engraved on tree trunks and written on walls led him to experiment with those two common visual elements that we see in our daily life. He demonstrates to us in his first show how he mastered the effects of mixed media together with cutout street bill boards and the deconstruction of our Arabic letters sometimes as interloping engravings and others as bundles of black forceful curves resulting in a unique esthetically intriguing pieces of art.



Nile Art

nile-artExhibition: Voyage

Artist: Alex’n Ne ple Pham

Address: 14 Rue El Montazah, Zamalek

When: 28th September – 13th October

Details: Alex’n grew up in the Cevennes and was raised in an artistic atmosphere. All family members practised an artistic discipline from a very young age. She participated in theatre with her mother, drawing with her father and studied music. Interested in fashion and textiles she studied fashion design, while painting at the same time. When she was 20 she worked as graphic designer in textiles, combining her love of fashion and drawing. It took several years before she would assert herself as an artist and in 2007 she decided to devote herself full time to painting. She then turned to a career as an artist. Beyond merely creating reliefs, she wanted to tell stories.

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