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Yehia Abouseif is an Egyptian artist and designer from Cairo, based in New York City. He is currently working as a Motion Designer at Wunderman Thompson New York, for brands like Samsung, Kyndryl and Coca Cola.

Yehia Abouseif headshot. Animated billboard for Kyndryl in Times Square, designed by Abouseif.

While Abouseif works as a designer, he considers himself an artist first. He began working on his art while he was in Cairo, at the British International School of Cairo, where his creativity was nurtured and skills were developed, from Junior School to Sixth Form. He is currently working an a series of drawings where he is using pastels on papyrus.

While Abouseif began his artistic practice in Cairo, his professional career as a digital designer wasn’t developed until moving to New York. After working for branding agencies, adverting and marketing firms, and even being exposed to the moving screens and billboards of Times Square, Abouseif was exposed to a way of creating that wasn’t subjective but intentional; for a specific audience. Even though living in New York City allowed Abouseif to create work not only for himself but for said commercial clients, his creative mind was nurtured long before the move across the Atlantic.

Coca-Cola billboard, animated by Abouseif, in Times Square, New York.

Abouseif moved to New York in 2016, to attend Parsons School of Design. During his bachelors, he worked for New York artist Damien Loeb, branding mogul Daymond John, designed a social networking platform called Hatch, and continued to work on his art for commissions. His thesis, Fictional Realities, a visual archive focusing on graphic design and world building for cinema, is currently being built or the web, and will be published soon. He graduated in 2020 with a BFA in Communication Design, with Honors.

Pages from Abouseif’s thesis, Fictional Realities.

Since graduating in 2020, Abouseif has worked with fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and The Row as a digital designer. Despite it being during the COVID-19 pandemic, Abouseif was able to freelance for brands, offering branding and marketing related services, and also work on his art.

Ralph Lauren and Australian Open Partnership social posts, designed by Abouseif.

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