Your Horoscope in October 2017


By Maeri Frances

The force is with us as October is ushered in with a powerhouse trine between Mars and Pluto. When the god of war teams up with the god of the underworld we can expect some firm action. This is especially strong around the 2nd of October. Virgo and Capricorn will feel empowered and ready to fight for their beliefs. Venus joins in on the 3rd with a peaceful trine to Pluto, indicating a good outcome and more cooperation. When Jupiter enters Scorpio on the 10th we can expect a change of mood. Water signs especially will be able to enjoy the coming year, so be ready!

P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

Famous Birthdays:  Bushra Rozza, October 5th. Ruby, October 8th. Mohamed Mounir, October 10th. Amr Diab, October 11th. Bassem Samra, October 16th.

LibraAs October opens, you may feel a little off balance with things brewing behind the scenes. Not a good feeling for Libra, you need equilibrium more than most! Not to worry, Mercury puts you in a position where your opinions will be heard from the 8th. Your mental processes will be fine tuned, so use this period for decision-making and communicating. The 9th and 10th of October could see an argument or standoff, try to negotiate rather than force your way through. And hey, your finances should see a big improvement very soon!

AriesWith the focus on your opposite sign you could feel that things aren’t under your thumb as much as you would like. The best route this month is to focus on building good relations, both in your work and personal life. Along with many signs, you can look forward to an improvement financially. This may be personal, or through someone close to you. Pay special attention to your closest buddy or spouse after the 10th. Partnerships will be blessed with the lovely influence of Venus later in the month; don’t waste the good vibe!

TaurusWith both Venus and Mars sending great energy into your solar 5th house, you should be feeling romantic and full of flirty fun. With an abundance of good earth energy to tap into there is no excuse to be a wallflower, singles should get out and about. When Jupiter enters your 7th house on the 19th, the way is open for singles to meet people who are on the same wavelength. Don’t turn down invitations on the 3rd or the 5th; they could be the start of something special.

GeminiEnjoy domestic life as much as possible during the first week, because after the 8th you will be more in the mood for getting out and partying. Your creativity should be flowing as the month draws on; ideas will be easy to come up with. Your social life could also see a lot of activity with people on the same wavelength, so enjoy it while it’s there. Jupiter is throwing blessings on your work life from the 10th; expect to feel comfortable with those around you during the coming months.

CancerYou are not generally known for pushing your opinions forward, but the first week of October will see you impassioned and ready to go into battle to defend your beliefs. You will find support from people who agree with you, so don’t be shy. After the 10th you will see long awaited improvements in your romantic life, as well as matters to do with art, culture, kids, pets and a lot of the other enjoyable things in life. The month improves steadily for you.

LeoThe beginning of the month will ask you to exert a major effort in work matters. It may drain all of your available energy, but the payoff will be worth it. It looks as though you will be seeing an improvement in your cash flow, and inevitable outflow. By the 10th, you may be coming up with ideas on how to inject some new energy into your home, maybe a total interior makeover? You will be in the mood to spend more time with home and family, so the investment will pay off. It is also a good time to look at the possibility of purchasing real estate, with a sea view hopefully.

VirgoSmart Virgo babes and guys will see that things are going their way this month. Look your best, make your move, and follow up with energy. Not always the most outgoing of types, when you do let your livelier side come forward, even people who thought they knew you can be captivated. Circumstances are fickle, so strike while the iron is hot. Jupiter will be supporting you in matters to do with communication over the coming months. Anything linked to writing and connecting people will benefit from expanded opportunities.

ScorpioNetwork, network, network! This is a golden month for getting into the loop. Friends and peers will be there to give you a leg up; you just need to let them know what you need. You can express yourself with intensity, and insight. Do this, and you will see a whole world of opportunities open up. Jupiter will be in your birth sign for the coming year, starting the 10th of October, so count your blessings. But, remember to watch your weight, the kilos could sneak on!

SagittariusIf you have been neglecting your career a little, isn’t it time you put a bit of effort into tidying up your resume? Use the first week of the month to focus on your public image, the results will show. Friendships have always been your mainstay in life; so let your buddies know what they mean to you. From the 10th you can benefit from spending more quality time with yourself as well. Maybe it is worth adding a meditation period to your daily routine, or a spot of yoga. Even walks that allow you to commune with nature on a regular basis will help you center yourself and feel more inner peace.

CapricornThe month opens on a high-energy note for Capricorn. Push your plans into action; you have what it takes. Support from planets in Virgo will give you extra charm, in a typical efficient way. But it works, somehow. Jupiter will expand your social circle from the 10th along with Scorpio, you need to hone your networking skills.  All of a sudden you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with people who can open new doors for you, be grateful. Inner self-confidence will flourish these days.

AquariusYour strength lies in keeping your composure. It may not be upfront and on display, but you have a will of steel and cannot be pushed or swayed easily. This attribute will serve you well over the coming year while Jupiter is shining brightly in your 10th house of career and public recognition. Don’t rest on your laurels though; you need to keep up what got you there. Dignity is the keyword, so try to keep your wild side under control as much as possible.

PiscesAre you getting a warm and fuzzy feeling? Maybe this is the first time in a while where you realize that people do love you, and care for you. With Jupiter entering a fellow water sign, there will be more intuitive and emotional understanding around, which suits you just fine. Cozy up to someone special around the 3rd and 5th of the month, maybe it could be the start of a longer term friendship. On the practical side, try to tidy up outstanding bills, they aren’t going to disappear in a puff of smoke, are they?

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