What’s New in Marina – July/August 2018


Clients at Alpha Lab are presented with timely, accurate and dependable test results and support services. Alfa Laboratories is also renowned for raising the standards of quality in clinical laboratory practice an unparalleled service including faster turn-around times so physicians an quickly receive the critical information they need to guide patient management decisions.

Location: Marina

Telephone: 16191

Facebook: AlfaLaboratories

British Animal Hospital team will be available through the only professional, fully equipped pet clinic in North Coast. Clinic provides x-ray, ultrasound, emergency 24 hours, and house calls.

Location: Siesta Marina Hotel, Marina 5 Entrance

Website: www.britishanimalhospital.com

Tel: 0106 449 9470

Working Hours: 24/7

Founded n 2009, Tortina grew to be one of the elite desserts and pastry shops all over Cairo and is now available in Sa7el.

Tortina created a variety of exclusive recipes by mixing the finest ingredients and using the best equipment. Enjoy an extensive collection of oriental and modern desserts, and baked savories of different ingredients catering to all tastes.

Locations: Marina Gate 5, Marassi, Diplo, La Vista

Tel: 0128 088 9382

Facebook: TortinaShop

Working Hours: 10AM – 12AM

El Safa Hospital is proud to announce the return of EL Safa specialized medical clinics in Marina, Ghazala Bay and Hacienda this summer to serve the North Coast community.

Locations: Marina 4, Hacienda & Ghazala Bay

Tel: Marina 0102 322 2225 – 0464453941-2-3 / Hacienda 0122 533 3111 – 16181 / Ghazala bay 0122 53 3111

Facebook: SafaClinics

TBS or The Bakery Shop is a fresh local bakery that serves everything from bread to pastries and desserts. Started in 2008, TBS has become one of the most successful high end Bakery Shops in Egypt. Our watchword is fresh ; and our products are always baked in front of you.

Location: Diplo 3, La Vista, Telal, Marrasi, Total Marina 4 and Total Marina 5

Tel: 0112 384 8282 – 16679

Facebook: TBSFresh

Instagram: @tbsegypt

Working Hours: Weekends 7 am – 4 am
Weekdays 7 am – 12 am

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