What’s New in Ghazala Bay – July/August 2018


Lavender is a beach lounge and restaurant where you can enjoy a fun day with friends or family, making it your ultimate getaway in Sa7el. Great food, an amazing beach and one of a kind ambiance.

Location: Ghazala Bay Village Km 142

Tel: 0120 436 1004 – 0122 557 6202

Facebook: Lavender Beach Ghazala Bay

Instagram: @lavender_beachlounge

El Safa Hospital is proud to announce the return of EL Safa specialized medical clinics in Marina, Ghazala Bay and Hacienda this summer to serve the North Coast community.

Locations: Marina 4, Hacienda & Ghazala Bay

Tel: Marina 0102 322 2225 – 0464453941-2-3 / Hacienda 0122 533 3111 – 16181 / Ghazala bay 0122 53 3111

Facebook: SafaClinics

Concha is a seafood restaurant with a beautiful seaside view and drinks courtesy of Ocha Beach Bar.

Location: Seashell Playa’s Beach Club

Instagram: @ocho.concho.playa

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