What’s New in Diplo – July/August 2018


30 North offers an experience that unfolds with every bean, every brew, and every tale. With over 20 years of coffee sourcing expertise, 30 North was founded with the objective f bringing specialty coffee from around the word too Egyptian customers.

Location: Diplo 3 Sidi AbdelRahman

Facebook: 30northcoffee

Website: www.30north.coffee

Working Hours: 8AM – Sunset

Looking to complete or add to your outdoor furniture set?

Alamein has you covered! Browse a large variety of styles and pick the perfect piece for your garden.

Location: Diplo 3 Entrance

Tel: 0106 005 5352 – 0102 995 8720

Facebook: AlameinEgypt

Working Hours: 11AM – 1AM

The Blue Door offers contemporary home accessories with stimulating textures and vibrant colors. Enjoy this gateway to exquisite elegance in home furnishings.

Location: Diplo

Tel: 0101 111 1516

Facebook: TheBlueDoorEgypt

Working Hours: 11AM – 11PM

Enjoy top quality, professionally prepared, and locally-bred meat at Butcher House, here staff have received training in ode to adhere to the highest level of hygiene in preparing, storing and packaging, and delivering quality local beef, veal, lamb, and poultry right to your door.

Choose from a wide selection of cuts, prime steaks, roast, and custom-prepared meat to your exact specification.

Location: Diplo Entrance

Tel: 0101 032 8233

Facebook: ButcherHouse

Working Hours: 11AM – 11PM

Browse a large selection of Arabic & English titles across multiple genres, including children’ books and activities in Arabic, English, French and German.

A fully stocked stationer section includes local niche products and leading international brands.

Location: Diplo 3

Tel: 0122 150 3517

Facebook: DiwanBookstore

Come taste the passion for food this summer at Eatery.

Enjoy flavorsome dishes and a wide variety of menu items like Eatery’s signature Wasabi Pineapple or Szechuan Shrimp and Lamb Shank.

The atmosphere is rustic and lush as the food brings color to the space.

Location: Diplo 3

Tel: 0127 046 6001

Facebook: EateryEgypt

Working Hours: 4:30PM – 2AM

Dolly’s Boutique is a multi-brand fashion and lifestyle concept store offering a curated selection of beach an swimwear, regional and global brands, up-and-coming designers and limited edition collaborations, as well as lifestyle items an home interior accessories. Brands offered include: Joud Home Accessories, Tica’s Jazzy Sunglasses & Deena Wagdy Jewellery.

Location: Diplo 3

Tel: 0111 174 1025

Facebook: DollysBoutiqueEG

Working Hours: 12PM – 12AM

Browse hip contemporary home accessories, indoor and outdoor furniture and home furnishing that cater to a wide variety of summer homes.

Location: Opposite Diplo Entrance

Tel: 0100 383 2336 – 0111 121 0699

Facebook: KhallaHomeFashion

Working Hours: 12PM – 12AM

The Four Fat Ladies is an all American gourmet bakery that offers a wide range of products, flavors, and unique combinations.

It offers products that will satisfy any palette with choices ranging from classic two layer frosted cakes, bars & brownies, cookies, cheesecakes and lighter options like Bundt cakes.

Locations: Diplo 3 & La Vista

Tel: 0111 006 0538 – 16679

Facebook: TheFourFatLadies

Instagram: @thefourfatladies

Working Hours: 10AM – 2AM

Lychee’s menu offers wholesome juices and snacks for their customers including Lychee’s homemade Greek yogurt, protein shakes, super food smoothies, eat line sandwiches and salads and more. Recently Lychee has also expanded its operations introducing its very own peanut butter, almond butter and almond milk.

Locations: Diplo & Marassi

Tel: 0100 826 0781

Facebook: LycheeCairo

Working Hours: 9AM – 1AM

Leaves & Co enrich the dining experience through designs using local craftsmanship and materials from different cities in Egypt to create timeless tableware up to global tastes and standards.

They also work with the client to create a combination of table settings and displays, all original and imaginative.

Locations: Diplo

Tel: 0121 097 7774

Instagram: @leavesandco.eg

Working Hours: 1PM – 1AM

NOLA Cupcakes provides freshly baked gourmet cupcakes daily using only the best ingredients, guaranteeing a delicious and uplifting experience for each customer. Try a large variety of flavors including classic, rainbow and healthy range, in addition to cake pops, cheesecake cups, and cronuts.

Location: Diplo 3

Tel: 02 3333 6860

Facebook: NOLACupcakesEgypt

Working Hours: 11AM – 3AM

Oasis Clinics is in Sa7el again for the sixth year supporting the community.

Oasis Clinics offers professors and consultants in all specialties and support for urgent cases, home visits 24/7, full lab services, physiotherapy, heart investigations, vaccines, ultrasound, x-ray & cosmetics.

Location: Diplo

Tel: 0100 400 0776 – 0101 662 8966

Facebook: OasisClinics

Working Hours: 10AM – 12AM

Ovio works closely with specialty farmers and gourmet suppliers to trace the sources of their menu’s raw materials to guarantee that products are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Ovio’s food is displayed in the restaurants, reflecting their transparent approach and philosophy in everything they do.

Locations: Marassi, Diplo & Hacienda Bay

Tel: 0103 331 2211 –  109801

Facebook: Ovio.eu

Instagram: @ovio.eu

Rigoletto offers ice cream, ice cream cakes, chocolate cake, cheesecake, and tarts.

Special Rigoletto flavors include Cinnamon Dates, Vanilla Croquant, Asaleya, Turkish Coffee, Licorice, Mint Chocolate.

Rigoletto’s cakes can be found in Dreams Supermarket (Telal and La Vista) + Seuodi Market in Marassi.

Location: Diplo 3, Telal Beach, Hacienda White Beach, La Vista, Marassi

Tel: 0102 666 3112

Facebook: RigolettoIceCream.eg

Working Hours: 11AM – 1AM

The Cookery Co. transforms existing venues into unexpected environments for the local foodie community to get together and enjoy exceptional food, presented in a non-traditional way. From re-stylizing the venue, to hand picking selective clients and curating a menu to suit their specific palates, they are able to create an unmatched food and drink experience.

Location: Diplo Clubhouse Rooftop

Tel: 0114 420 0044

Facebook: TheCookeryCo

Working Hours: 4PM – 2AM

Founded n 2009, Tortina grew to be one of the elite desserts and pastry shops all over Cairo and is now available in Sa7el.

Tortina created a variety of exclusive recipes by mixing the finest ingredients and using the best equipment. Enjoy an extensive collection of oriental and modern desserts, and baked savories of different ingredients catering to all tastes.

Locations: Marina Gate 5, Marassi, Diplo, La Vista

Tel: 0102 806 3334

Facebook: TortinaShop

Working Hours: 10AM – 12AM

BRGR serves up delicious, signature slider BRGRs, a buttermilk herb Mayo CHKN sandwich and CHKN bites with a choice of three sauces.

Slide these bad boys down with golden crisp fries, with a choice of cheese and BRGR sauce toppings. For dessert, tuck into mini-pancakes and soft ice cream with a choice of flavors. Hot and cold drinks are also available from coffee infused sips to tropical smoothies.

Locations: Hacienda, Hacienda Bay and Diplo

Facebook: TheBRGRTruck

Working Hours:

Hacienda 10AM – 8PM weekdays, 12PM – 4AM weekends

Hacienda Bay 10AM – 8PM weekdays, 12PM – 4AM weekends

Diplo 3PM – 2AM weekdays, 3PM – 5AM weekends

El Lido does 6 things and they do them REALLY WELL! Burgers, hot dogs, chips, ice cream burgers, ice cream sodas & granitas.

In addition to the stationed venues, there will be a catering-purposed mobile grill serving burgers & hot dogs for parties and events.

Locations: Diplo & Bianchi

Facebook: ElLidoBurgers

Working Hours: Diplo 10AM – 4AM weekdays, 10AM to 6AM weekends / Bianchi 10AM – 7PM

Browse an array of jewelry and varying collections from Jude Benhalim for the first time ever in Sa7el!

Jude’s Color Wheel of eight new vibrant summer colors is exclusive to the Sa7el store, where shoppers can come and exclusively shop the new colors an customize jewelry with the color wheel available. Each piece of jewelry will have its own color wheel.

Location: Diplo

Tel: 0101 454 9465

Website: www.judebenhalim.com

Facebook: JayDs

Instagram: @jude.benhalim

Working Hours: 12PM – 12AM

Founded in 2009 by Egyptian fashion journalist Mona Afifi and design connoisseur Sherifa Mahmoud, Style Treasure aims to provide young budding talents in Egypt and th Middle East with a platform to showcase their brands locally an internationally. Com browse the selection in Diplo this summer.

Locatin: Diplo

Tel: 02 2488 5999

Websites: www.style-treasure.com and www.styletreasurekids.com

Facebook: StyleTreasureEgypt

Twitter: @Styletreasure

Instagram: @styletreasure

Working Hours: 10AM – 6PM

Location: Marassi and Diplo

Facebook: MinceBurgers

Working Hours: 12PM – 10PM

Founded in 2009 by Egyptian fashion journalist Mona Afifi and design connoisseur Sherifa Mahmoud, Style Treasure aims to provide young budding talents in Egypt and th Middle East with a platform to showcase their brands locally an internationally. Com browse the selection in Diplo this summer.

Locatin: Diplo

Tel: 02 2488 5999

Websites: www.style-treasure.com and www.styletreasurekids.com

Facebook: StyleTreasureEgypt

Twitter: @Styletreasure

Instagram: @styletreasure

Working Hours: 10AM – 6PM

TBS or The Bakery Shop is a fresh local bakery that serves everything from bread to pastries and desserts. Started in 2008, TBS has become one of the most successful high end Bakery Shops in Egypt. Our watchword is fresh ; and our products are always baked in front of you.

Location: Diplo 3, La Vista, Telal, Marrasi, Total Marina 4 and Total Marina 5

Tel: 0112 384 8282 – 16679

Facebook: TBSFresh

Instagram: @tbsegypt

Working Hours: Weekends 7 am – 4 am
Weekdays 7 am – 12 am

Nagwa Farid, the founder of Tollie Designs in 2011, started her line by making handmade simple casual unisex accessories, then she expanded to women’s wear, leather belts, bags and shoes. She always keeps searching for whatever is different to offer the market with the best unique model.

Location: Style Treasure in Diplo

Working Hours: 12PM to 2AM

Website: www.style-treasure.com/designer/tollie

Tel: 0112 940 2404

This local brand is co-founded by Sara Hamza, Dina Naguib, and Nadia Ahmed. The collection features a unique fusion between oriental and modern footwear design and a real touch of contemporary with a glimpse of tradition, SHIBSHIBI® offers a unique combination for everyday use.

Instagram: @shibshibi
Facebook: ShibshibiFootwear
• Rax, Sea Shells
• Eklego, Marassi
• Style Treasure, Diplo
• Pop up Shop, Kiki’s – Hacienda
• Ghazl Banat, Hacienda
• Nacelle, Almaza

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