8 Types of Coffee Around the World


Ever wondered how a coffee bean’s taste differs from place to place? 30 North has provided us with a comprehensive guide for how the taste varies from one region to the other! Read and discover, and be armed with knowledge the next time you visit a premium coffeehouse!

Colombia Supremo: With chocolate and hazelnut notes, it has a citrus acidity wrapped in a full body that leaves you with a liquorish after taste in every sip.

Brazil Santos: With no acidity, it is one of the softest coffees with a smooth and light aftertaste along with a pleasant cinnamon nuance and a great crema.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon: With no acidity at all, it is full bodied, but light and juicy with bittersweet chocolate notes.

Costa Rica: With a lively acidity and a hint of fruit and almond chocolate, it is a very smooth cup.

Guatemala: With a spirited and intensely aromatic feel, it cloaks in a heavy body with rich notes of spice, leaving you with notes of smoky chocolate.

Yemen: Bold, striking, clean, exotic cupping. Dark chocolate with a tongue coating mouth-feel. Racy, distinctly Yemeni Mocha flavor notes. No other coffee tastes quite like this one or has its lingering mouth-feel.

Ethiopia Sidamo: With vivid acidity, it has a rich and full body, with a floral aroma and a bright and soft finish.

Uganda Kilimanjaro: With a very fine body, it has an exquisite balance and a zesty, clean tasting cup.

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