The Tap: Catching Up with Rockers Bluezophrenia


Egyptian cover band Bluezophrenia regularly fires up the Tap’s stage with the best rock, alternative, metal and hard rock tunes. The band’s lead singer Omar Kamel cites Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as his biggest inspiration, saying “the guy can rock out any front-man in the current scene and he’s over 70!”

Aside from Aerosmith, their favorite icon of all-time is the King of Pop Michael Jackson, which is reflected in their energy on the stage! Asked if they could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, we kind of knew their answer … Los Angeles in 1986, an epic time for rock bands, daily concerts and parties. Rock as we know it today was born and raised during that era.

What do they love the most about the rock scene? “It’s about sharing a common thing, which is the love for rock ‘n’ roll”
These boys definitely enjoy the glam of leather jackets and chains, playing great music, and having a good time in the process.

When talking about other genres, the band believes that every genre gets the attention it deserves, because in the end, music is a subjective form of art, it’s a personal experience and the one great factor that affects a certain genre to get the attention it needs is how relevant it is to the community it’s being introduced in.

“Rock ‘n’ roll is all about the freedom of expression, and it’s up to the people to choose whether they want to share the experience with you or not. It’s all about the crowd, we wouldn’t have made it that far without the Rockers out there!”

Bluezophrenia love ACDC, especially ‘Shoot to Thrill’, and their favorite gig night was the Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute night at The Tap East. The place was packed, lines waiting outside, the mood was set and people were ready to sing along with every single song the band pumped out.

One band that they would love to share the stage with are the Cadillacs, “These boys know how to rock ‘n’ roll, their guitarist, Abou Seif, he’s a great performer on stage and an awesome guitarist. Psycho, their bassist has the right attitude, dedication and commitment for rock ‘n’ roll and their drummer, Marwan is as tight as it gets.” The band really enjoys hitting the road, most of their recent gigs were in Gouna and Ras Sudr; and they’re already booked in many places in July, so stay tuned on our social media channels to know when to catch their next gig at The Tap!

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