10 Hatha Yoga Moves to Slip into on the Beach


The beauty of yoga is how accessible it is. Pack a mat, a small pillow or block and you’re ready to practice in your garden, by the beach or in a quiet airy room in your chalet. Ramy El Kout began practicing yoga 5 years ago and embarked on a journey to learn more about the practice, eventually landing him in India where he became a Hatha yoga practitioner – more specifically Iyengar yoga. This is a form of Hatha yoga, which focuses on precision: details, breath control (pranayama) and alignment while in the pose (asana). It emphasizes the healing benefit of each pose with less emphasis on flow and transition. Every pose is held for a longer period of time utilizing appropriate props such as a wall, pillows, blocks, chairs or belts to maximize the benefit of the asana. By being attentive to the anatomical details and the alignment of the body during each posture, Iyengar method is designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, stability and awareness.

Ramy demonstrated for us a 20-minute sequence of Hatha yoga that can be carried out to boost your energy, immunity system and gives your body a nice stretch.



Stand upright feet together or hip width apart. Feet and toes looking forward. Lift knee cap up. Arm straight by the sides. Shoulder back and down. Raise arms up palms facing each other, shoulders down. 1 Minute.


Stand in mountain pose, feet apart. Position your feet looking forward or slightly inward. Inhale and lift the chest up, exhale and concave your back and fold forward. Legs are active and straight. Hold your elbows. 1 Minute.


From plank position, exhale to downward facing dog. Hands are shoulder width. Open the palms and spread the fingers on the floor. Keep elbows straight. Keep the legs straight and take the heels to the ground as much as possible. Hold for 1 minute and repeat 3 times.


Open the legs wide. Turn right leg to the right side. Exhale, extend the trunk and bend from the groin. Open your chest to the ceiling. Inhale and come back up with straight legs, and change side. 1 Minute.


Stand and open the legs wide. Turning the trunk to the side, keep trunk and pelvis looking straight and bend the front knee at 90 degrees with your back leg standing on your toes. Extend the arms up and keep your shoulders down. Change side. This pose should be avoided if you have high blood pressure. 1 Minute.


Stand and open legs wide. Rotate right leg to the right side. Exhale, bend the right leg. Keep knee in line with ankle, left leg is straight and feet are facing inward. Extend arms out at shoulder height. Change side. 1 Minute.


From warrior 1, exhale and extend the trunk and arms forward. Straighten the right leg and lift the left leg up to be parallel to the floor. Change side. 1 Minute.


Position yourself cross-legged, you may sit higher on a pillow or block if your knees are higher than your pelvis. Place your fingertips on both sides and lift your chest up. Inhale, lift your arms up and keep your shoulders down. Inhale, lift the arms up and look up in order to open the chest. Exhale, fold forward and place your fingertips on the mat and look forward. 2 minutes.


Sit in the lotus pose, recline back and go flat on your back or supported with a pillow. You may use a blanket under your neck for support. 3 minutes.


Sit with your buttocks to the wall and lift your legs up – you may also be supported with a pillow. Keep your legs straight or open them wide. Avoid this pose in case of high blood pressure and menstruation. 5 minutes.

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