The Revival of a Legend: Um Kalthoum Performs at Abdeen Palace


Hologram technology brought the legendary songstress Um Kalthoum to life in the heart of the regal Abdeen Palace for three nights last month. This marks a landmark moment for the region’s entertainment scene.

RMC Worldwide Partners created this iconic event, which was produced by MBC and NDP. The team first debuted the show last year in Dubai to rave reviews. The audience was decked out in black tie and evening wear, as the golden era of Arab music was revived for music lovers, older generations, and young generations alike.

The Palace

The magic began as soon as we approached Abdeen Palace, where Um Kalthoum’s car was gracefully parked in front of the entrance. Only the ground floor of the palace was open for the concerts, with the outdoor hall carpeted in red, the food served by Marriott Hotels, and many booths showcasing their luxurious brands like Lexus RX Royal Night car.

Elegant guests filled the main hall, which had been turned into an exclusive seated concert area with a big stage to accommodate both the orchestra and Um Khalthoum’s hologram figure.

The Hologram

As soon as El Sett appeared on stage, everyone was stunned by how realistic she seemed with her deep and resonant voice, recognized and admired by all. As she began to sing, the audience seemed to have forgotten that it was a hologram and became immersed in the music.

Um Kalthoum gave a spectacular performance by singing her famous songs, Enta Omri, Seret Al Hob, Alf Leila W Leila, and Lesa Faker. With each song, she would change dresses—giving us the full experience.

The opening night, witnessed a surprise performance from Sana Nabil, Um Kalthoum’s relative and ex-contestant on Arab’s Got Talent. Sana Nabil warmed up the crowd by singing one of the golden lady’s songs before the hologram started.

Due to the high demand, the concert added two more dates resulting in three consecutive nights of music, art, and reminiscing. It was a weekend full of magic.

We might not be able to bring the actual Um Kalthoum back, but her music and presence will live on through the centuries, and so will her hologram concerts after receiving such success.

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