Stars Feb 2017


Romantic Stars – 2017

By Maeri Frances

We can never have too much love, and now that February has rolled around, it’s time to take a peek at romance prospects for the coming months of 2017. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

February Birthdays: Ahmed Hossam, known as Mido (Footballer) – 23rd of February, Asser Yassin (Actor) 25th of February, Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer) – 5th of February, Tom Hiddleston  (Actor) – 9th of February, Paris Hilton (Celebrity) – 17th of February, Emad Moteab (Footballer)  – 20th of February, Mahmoud Fathalla (Footballer) – 12th of February


All that fire energy makes you ardent and adventurous, ready to fall in love at first sight. You can be fiercely loyal once you commit, but need a partner who can keep you interested. Sometimes you can be attracted to someone with a totally different type of personality, to balance your frenetic lifestyle.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

With Uranus still sitting in your birth sign you could be feeling a tad restless. Keep romance alive by seeking out new activities you can enjoy together. Jupiter in your 7th house of partnerships is giving all the support you could wish for throughout most of the year.

Taurus: Taurus has good taste and an eye for quality, so if you have been chosen by one, take it as a compliment. But, be warned, sensual Taurus doesn’t like to share and so can be very possessive. Stability means a lot to this earth -ruled sign, and they can be creatures of habit. Just keep them warm, comfortable, well-clothed and well-fed, and they could be yours for life.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

Singles should be ready for a great period ahead. Jupiter is currently boosting your working life, relationships with colleagues should be excellent, and your health robust. By the time Jupiter swings into your 7th house of partnerships later this year you should have your life nicely in order. Then you can enjoy a new closeness with a special someone.


Flirty Gemini loves variety, and singles are usually never short of admirers. The catch comes when commitment is looming, because Gemini has a low boredom threshold, and needs someone who can keep them on their toes. That someone should also be able to cope with a personality verging on bi-polar, with mood swings and personality changes that come out of the blue. Never a dull moment though, so it is worth it.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

Saturn is bringing relationships that come with responsibilities of some sort. Long term relationships may enter a new phase, one with a more mature, enduring understanding. With Jupiter sailing through your fifth house of kids and all that stuff, you may even be adding to your family. Singles may be attracted to partnership possibilities with someone older, so why not give it a try?


Sensitive, emotional, caring, and also sometimes downright moody to the point of sulking, Cancer can be the most tender and affectionate partner around. Just take care not to hurt their feelings, they will crawl away into their shell and let you jump hoops to find out what you have done to offend them. Love for Cancer often involves creating a wonderful home, and making sure that great food is always on offer – top tip for single guys.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

Pluto still urges you to seek truth in your closest relationships. Any partnership that is merely surviving by force of habit will be put to the test, again and again. Try to avoid power plays and manipulative ploys; there is more to be gained from transparent soul searching and meaningful conversations. Relationships can be transforming this year.


Your average Leo is nothing if not passionate, loyal and big-hearted. Sometimes generous to a fault, they enjoy pampering the object of their affections. They do expect to be worshipped, idolized and revered in return for all that though. Particular about their own appearance and domestic scene, dignified Leo expects his or her mate to keep to the same standards. Social life appeals to this popular party-animal, so if you fall for a Leo, be prepared to join the throngs.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

You are supported by Saturn and Uranus in fellow fire signs, and with Jupiter helping your communication skills in Libra, it could be a pivotal year for making a key decision or taking an existing relationship to a new level. For some it could even mean travelling abroad together, for others it could be setting a long-term plan in place for the whole family. In spite of the more serious tone there will be no shortage of good times, so make the most of the coming months.


Often labelled as cool, reserved and slightly prudish, earthy Virgo has a hidden side that can surprise anyone they choose to lavish their attentions on. A relationship must have a strong mental compatibility to work for long though, a casual flirtation will be treated as just that, and no more. Virgo has an innate need to be of help and service, team that up with a critical nature and a love of healthy eating, and any romantic prospect will have their own life coach/ nutritionist/ personal assistant available 24/7.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

Although you are usually grounded and very down-to-earth, the presence of dreamy and rather flaky Neptune in Pisces, your sector of partnerships, can attract you to soulful types who have trouble keeping their act, and lives, together. Let them spin their tales of woe, or plan amazing but unrealistic plans for a fantastic future together, but keep a tight rein on the credit card while doing so.


Libra is the sign that symbolizes partnership more than any other. Is that what drives Libra to keep searching for the ideal mate? Can Libra ever find that perfect one who meets all of their expectations? It never seems to be an easy task. Romantic, artistic and a stickler for protocol and good manners, the typical Libra would be a great catch for any single out there.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

With Jupiter coursing his way through your birth sign this is the year to make good things happen in your life. Things may get a bit topsy-turvy at times, with wild-card Uranus throwing a few unexpected changes your way just when you thought a relationship was humming along. It is a year to forge new bonds, or to find freedom from those that shackle you.


As in everything, you like to keep your cards well hidden when it comes to your love life. Friends may be astounded when you finally decide to announce a relationship, they may never have suspected. When you commit, it is with an intensity that few can match. You can be jealous, possessive and control freaks at times, but anyone who has been loved by you will say it is worth the agony!

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

Since dreamy Neptune entered water sign Pisces your approach to romance has taken on a new quality. This year sees you seeking someone who can appreciate your vision and inner musings, as well as being able to kick back and enjoy a good movie, or throw themselves into high energy water sports. When Jupiter enters your birth sign later in the year you may feel a new sense of freedom and optimism, maybe from a deeper understanding of yourself.


Free spirit that you are, you should give your heart to someone who shares your love of adventure in life. You can be a bit of a risk-taker, and not the most reliable person at times, but anyone who enjoys a bit of crazy fun should find you addictive.  There are moments when your philosophical side comes to the fore, then you can show surprising depths.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

Expand your horizons by enjoying social life to the max. That means getting together with kindred spirits, people on your wavelength. Whether you are single, or in a committed relationship, you will enrich the enjoyment of every day by feeling connected and part of a group. Your new level of maturity will see others coming to you for romantic advice.


Long-term strategist, Capricorn isn’t one to jump into relationships without careful consideration. When they do choose, it is with both their hearts and their minds. Practical and career minded; any mate should be willing to accept their workaholic attitude, and support their climb up the corporate ladder.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

There may be a few situations to cope with this year. Pluto in your birth sign squares off against change-bringer Uranus, so you may be faced with changes in your domestic sphere. It’s up to you to maintain the right balance between love, family and career, don’t sacrifice the important things just to get ahead.


It takes a very special kind of person to make an Aquarian happy, someone who can accept the quirky brand of individuality. In spite of their need to feel independent, Aquarians can be immensely loyal to those they love, so long as they are not lied to, or treated unfairly. Friendships are important, so any long-term commitment should always have that buddy factor as well as romance.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

With the major planets generally in harmonious aspect to your birth sign there should be plenty of good times ahead. The unattached can look forward to meeting interesting people with different perspectives, and couples will benefit by finding new interests to share together. Travel could be especially enjoyable this year, so get your bags ready.


Possibly the most romantic of all signs, water babes are loving, emotional and kind. They need to choose wisely when giving their affections; those tender, trusting hearts are so easily broken. It’s important to feel secure in any relationship, and have their sensitive feelings appreciated. The dreamers of the world, Pisces can turn a romance into a near-mystical experience.

Your Romantic Year Ahead:

When part of your life isn’t going so well it tends to color your mood in general. Career issues have been a bit of a battle, and money supply is fluctuating as well. How can you be your most loving when the nasty realities of life start biting? By the end of the year you should see an improvement, so stay on track and have faith.

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