Shops & Services in Sa7el 2019


Check out our master list of the shops, medical services, vets, pet supplies, fitness and wellbeing services you might need while you are living on the north coast this summer!

L 2 & Boutique 51 opposite Amwaj

Location: Lakeyard, Hacienda Bay
Working Hours : 5 pm – 2 am,
weekends until 4 am
A retail space dedicated to fashion, art, design and the beautiful things in life.

Alamein at Diplo

Location: Diplo 3
Tel: 0101 800 0602
Working Hours: 11 am – 12pm

Kalla at Opposite Diplo

Location: Km 126 Sa7el Road,
opposite Diplo
Tel: 0111 121 0699 – 0114 121 4535
Working Hours: 12 pm – 12 am
Browse hip contemporary home accessories, indoor and outdoor furniture and home furnishing that cater to a wide variety of summer homes.

Style Treasure at Diplo

Location: Diplo
Tel: 0114 111 1923
Working Hours: 12 – 12
Style Treasure brings a selection of colorful home décor accessories, clothing and other items for a third consecutive year at Diplo.

Butcher House at Diplo

Location: Diplo Entrance
Tel: 0101 032 8233 – 0102 012 2012
Working Hours: 11 am – 11am
Facebook: The Blue Door
Instagram: @thebluedoor_home
Butcher House provides top quality, professionally prepared, locally-bred meat to homes and businesses. Butchers and staff have received world-class training in order to adhere to the highest levels of hygiene in preparing, storing, packaging and delivering top quality local beef, veal, lamb and poultry right to your door. Butcher House offers a wide selection of cuts, prime steaks, roast and custom-prepared meat to your exact specification.

Diwan at Diplo

Location: Diplo
Tel: 0122 150 3517
Working Hours: 9 am – 2 am
Diwan Bookstore offers a large selection of books, in Arabic and English, children’s books, educational games, international stationary, local unique products, and gift wrapping services. Amazing Art Café classes and children storytelling are held throughout the season.

Markaz Egypt at Hacienda & Diplo

Locations: El Corte Mall, Hacienda White
Diplo Entrance, Sidi Abdel Rahman
Tel: 0100 637 1002
Working Hours: 12 am -12 pm
Markaz fuses traditional crafts with contemporary design, reviving skills from different areas of Egypt, enabling communities to thrive.

The Blue Door at Diplo

Location: Diplo 3
Tel: 0101 111 1516
Working Hours: 11 am – 12 am
Facebook: The Blue Door
Instagram: @thebluedoor_home
The Blue Door is a lifestyle textiles and home accessories brand with vibrant vintage designs with a contemporary twist. The Blue Door nurtures local talents with a diverse team of artisan women specialized in handcrafting techniques. The Homeware collection includes everything from bedsheets, table covers, candles, towels, table mats, throw cushions, straw bags and much more.

Caravanserai at Diplo

Location: Diplo 3
Tel: 0101 800 0602
Working Hours: 11 am – 12 pm
Caravanserai has come to Sa7el this summer! Find the perfect addition to your summer home from a large collection ranging from accessories, to lighting, to select furniture pieces.

Leaves & Co at Diplo

Location: Diplo
Tel: 0106 661 4811 – 0122 477 7666
Working Hours: 11am – 1 am
Leaves & Co. is a brand of tableware and homeware with beautiful handcrafted designs from around Egypt. It is a socially conscious brand working with workshops in underprivileged areas.

Jude Benhalim at Diplo

Location: Diplo 3
Tel: 0102 700 6685
Working Hours: 12 pm – 12 am

Beit Matta at Marassi & in front of Diplo

Location: Eklego, Design Hub, Marassi
Location: Kalla Shop opposite Diplo
Tel: Kalla – 0100 030 6594
Eklego – 0106 789 8592
Working Hours: 11 am – 11 pm
Beit Matta is a Boutique design house specializing in handcrafted jewelry, vibrant home accessories and furniture inspired by Egyptian heritage.

Dolly’s at Diplo 3

Location: Diplo 3
Tel: 0111 174 1025
Working Hours: 12 pm – 12 am
Dolly’s Boutique is a multibrand fashion and lifestyle concept store offering a curated selection of beach and swimwear, regional and global brands, up-andcoming designers and limited edition collaborations, as well as lifestyle items and home interior accessories. Brands offered include: Joud Home Accessories, Tica’s, Indira jewelry and Deena Wagdy Jewellery.

Sa n el Design in front of Marassi

Location: In front of Marassi
Tel: 0101 066 6088
Working Hours: 12 pm – 8 pm
Specialized in the design, planning and execution of innovative and personalized architecture and interiors.

Livio’s in front of Marassi

Location: Km 128 in front of Marassi
Facebook: Livios
Instagram: livios_128km
Working Hours: 12 pm – 5 am
Livio’s is a retail hub located in the heart of North Coast, offering a wide range of high-end retail shops from F&B to fashion, furniture and other services. The location hosts the largest kids and entertainment area in Sahel, with MacDonald’s, Ikea, Home Works and many more exciting brands

Pearl Beach Bar

Location: Bo Islands
Tel: 0102 626 1414 or book online.
Working hours: 1 pm – 6 pm, and 12 am till late.
Pearl Beach Bar is going bigger this summer, promising an unforgettable beach experience and wicked night parties.

Maison69 at Hacienda

Location: Lakeyard, Hacienda Bay
Working Hours : 5 pm – 2 am, weekends until 4 am
A retail space dedicated to fashion, art, design and the beautiful things in life.

Azza Fahmy Jewellery at Hacienda

Location: El Corte Mall, Hacienda White
Tel: 0109 333 5236
Working Hours: 12 pm – 12 am
Once again, Azza Fahmy Jewellery is going seaside for summer with a boutique in Hacienda, North Coast. Find a selection of handcrafted pieces to elevate your summer look.

Pop-up Shop at Lakeyard & Hacienda White

Location: Lakeyard & Kiki’s at Hacienda white
Tel: 0111 906 0701
Working Hours: 1 pm – 7 pm
10 pm to 3 am
Pop Up Shop is a lifestyle concept store comprised of over 70 retailers & designers. The variety offered under one roof is unmatched. With sections like clothing, home furnishing and accessories, beauty, jewelry, art, stationery, kids, and plants, there is something for everyone.

Tollie Designs at Diplo & Lake yard

Location: Diplo, Maison Pyramide
Tel: 0115 722 9923
Location: Style Treasure
Tel: 0112 940 2404
Location: Monkie, Lakeyard
Tollie Design has been producing simple causal women wear since 2011 in parallel to her love of making unique handmade jewerly accessories. Pop in and find a great range of summer collection.

Shibshibi at Diplo, Hacienda & Lakeyard

Instagram: @shibshibi
Facebook: @shibshibifootwear
Locations: Style Treasure in Diplo
Ghazl Banat in Hacienda White and Lakeyard
This local brand is co-founded by Sara Hamza, Dina Naguib, and Nadia Ahmed. The collection features a unique fusion between oriental and modern footwear design and a real touch of contemporary with a glimpse of tradition, SHIBSHIBI® offers a unique combination for everyday use.

Gourmet at Hacienda & Diplo & Stella

Locations: Hacienda Shopping Center
Diplo IOS Village
Stella Walk Mall
Tel: 19339
Working Hours: 8 am – 1 am
Shop online:


Locations: Lakeyard, Hacienda Bay, and Diplo 3.
Working hours:
Weekdays, 5 pm – 3 am
Weekends, 5 pm – 4 am
11 am – 3 am

Stavolta’s authentic artisanal gelato freshly made with premium ingredients has returned to Sahel this year at two of your favorite locations.


Locations: Marassi at Clubhouse, and Diplo in front of Brgr
Tel: 0115 731 6864
Working hours:
Marassi: 10 am – 7pm

Diplo: 10 am – 3 am

Lychee started with a blender and an idea: to make living a healthy life easier. The menu offers wholesome juices and snacks, including homemade Greek Yogurt, protein shakes, superfood smoothies, eat line sandwiches, salads, and more. Lychee has also expanded its operations by introducing its very own peanut butter, almond butter and almond milk.

Contistahl Group

Address: 301 Abo Qir St., Alexandria
Tel: 0100 349 7879
Working Hours: 11 am – 11 pm

Kenda Interiors by NADIM at El Alamein

Address: Km 171, El Alamein Coastal
Road, between Marina and Marassi
Tel: 0127 004 4480
Working Hours: 10 am-10 pm
Kenda Interiors is now in Sahel, offering a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as delightful home accessories designed to fill your summer home with quality, character and charm. Customer-oriented, Kenda Interiors aims to always be versatile and collaborate with clients to develop bespoke concepts and customizations at any scale, from loose furniture to entire villas.

Stella Walk at Sidi AbdelRahman

Location: Sidi AbdelRahman
Tel: 0114 111 1923
Working Hours: 24/7
Stella Walk has restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, outdoor areas, a safe kids’ area and much more.

Medical Services

Women’s Hospital at Hacienda & Diplo

Location: Hacienda
Clinics: 0127 130 0842 – 0112 474 4416
Ambulance: 0127 130 0628
Location: Diplo
Clinics: 0127 130 0649 – 0111 117 7665
Ambulance: 0127 130 2046
Working Hours: 24/7 Home Visits

El Safa Clinics

Locations: Marina4 – 14 Marina Area – in front of the electricity company
Tel: 0102 322 2225 / 0464453941-2-3
El Safa Hospital is proud to announce the return of El Safa specialized medical clinics in Marina, Ghazala Bay and Hacienda this summer to serve the North Coast community.

Alfa Lab at Marina

Location: Marina
Tel: 16191
Clients at Alfa Lab are presented with timely, accurate and dependable test results and support services. Alfa Laboratories is also renowned for raising the standards of quality in clinical laboratory practice and unparalleled service including faster turnaround times so physicians can quickly receive the critical information they need to guide patient management decisions.


La Coupe at Bianchi & La Vista

Location: La Vista
Tel.: 0120 156 8889
La Coupe Salon & Nail Spa provides clients with the most modern product trends and techniques in hairstyling, beauty procedures and much more in a highly professional and unique setting.

Elle Salon opposite Amwaj

Location: Sky Mall Court, Km 155
Tel: 0101 716 0391
Working Hours: 12 pm – 12 am
Elle Beauty Center offers luxurious services using imported products, including hairstyling, hair coloring and treatments, manicure and pedicure.

Salon Reda El Gohary

Location: Sky Court Mall, in front of Amwaj.
Tel: 0103 005 2988
Working hours: 12 pm – 12 am
Reda El Gohary Salons offer a full range of men’s hair services at affordable prices. Professional stylists will help you find the hairstyle that fits into your day and your life, whether it’s a quick trim or a completely new look.

The Hair Addict

Locations: Activation booth at Idea
Egypt location at Stella Beach.
Working hours: 10 am – 6 pm
Marwan Araby Hairdresser at Bo Islands
Tel: 0100 000 8446 – 0100 058 4634
The Hair Addict started as a closed Facebook group in March 2016 and now has more than 300K members across the Middle East. The Hair Addict currently manufactures 5 products: The Indian Recipe for Hair Growth, The Swim Proof Recipe, the ultimate Chlorine Combat Formula, the NO POO recipe – a natural alternative for shampoo, the Diffuser, and the Hair Pick for extra volume for natural hair.

Mohamed Al Sagheer

Location: Hacienda
Tel: 0106 355 8849
Location: Marassi
Tel: 0106 013 3002
Location: Marina
Tel: 046 406 2771
Location: Telal
Tel: 0106 933 2234
Working Hours: 1pm – 1am
Mohamed Al Sagheer Salons is a leading name in the region’s beauty industry and symbolizes elegance and style. Services include hairstyling services for men, women, veiled women, and kids with a range of spa services also available such as Moroccan baths, facials, and massages. Nail and makeup artists will also be available, as well as accessories by Dolz House and premium hair products from a range of international brands.

Kids & Entertainment

Design Studio by Azza Fahmy at Diplo

Location: Summer Camp at Diplo.
Tel: 0109 012 7641
Working Hours: 28 th July to 7 th
August, from 7 pm – 9 pm.
A summer camp for boys and girls, of eight years and over,above. Kids will to allow them to explore their freethinking and creative side through a series of fun hand-crafting techniques, such as beading, hammering, wire work, clay work and much more.

Wiggly Jungle at Stella

Location: Stella Beach
Tel: 0120 020 8882
Working Hours: 12 pm – 7 pm
Wiggly Jungle offers a variety of fun and creative activities for little monkeys. Activities range from a trampoline, an arts and crafts corner, a maze, and some really cool water inflatables. Even the toddlers have a special zone of their own.

EYC Marassi Summer Camp 2019

Location: Club House, Marassi.
Tel: 0106 066 0101
Working hours:  Weekdays, 12 pm – 6 pm
Weekends, 12 pm to 7 pm
Age groups: 4 to 9
Children will be engaged in themes like Pirates, Under the Sea, Marine life (Ecosystem), and Recycling. Participants will partake in activities like scavenger hunts, treasure-map making, doodling, water games, cooking, costume making and eco-friendly arts and crafts.

Surf Camp Egypt

Location: Hacienda Red
Tel: 0114 477 7022
Working hours:  Daily, 11 am – 5 pm.
Age group: 6 – 99.
For a beginner, Egypt is a perfect place to start surfing, as the waves are generally smaller and softer than other international locations. You can still find waves big enough in some locations for intermediate and advance surfers though. Surf Camp Egypt is trying to create a strong surfing community of all ages and backgrounds to surf together, and to travel the world searching for the perfect wave.
Facebook: Surfschoolegypt
Instagram: surfcampegypt

Alkahila Art Gallery

Location: Bo Hub
Exhibition Name: Summer Vibes
Working Hours: Daily, 4 pm – 11 pm.
Artists: Britt Botrous Ghali, Mohamed Damarawy, Dina Targam, Farida Darwish, Emad Rizk, Mostafa Rahma and more.
Dates: Aug 1 to 31.

Asfour El Nil

Location: Diplo Promenade, opposite to Dream Market.
Working hours: 12 pm – 1 am
Tel: 0100 841 3323, 0101 666 8845
Asfour el Nil in Sa7el is your happy summer shop. Infuse color and authenticity in your beach homes with exquisite chairs, pottery and linens, or add summer glam with garments, bags, jewelry and much more. Perfect for a cool present for friends, all products are Egyptian made with pride and love.

Aqua Fight and Shooting Range

Location: Telal
Working hours:  3 pm – 11 pm

Further information available with Adrenalin Egypt.

Adrenalin Egypt

Locations: Marassi and Bo Island.
Working hours:  7 pm – 1 am
Age group: 7 – 16
Activities: Marassi – Bazooka Fight, Shooting Range, and Laser Tag

Bo Island – Bazooka Fight, and Shooting Range

Facebook: Adrenalin Park Egypt
Instagram: Adrenalin_Egypt


Eastwind at Marassi

Location: Seashell North Coast
(Location for Beach Service, not
including dog boarding is at Marassi’s
North Coast Beach).
Tel: 0111 905 6999
Eastwind offers activities, care, grooming and training for dogs aged 4 months to 9 years, with veterinary support on weekends.

Egy Puppy in front of Marassi

Location: Livio’s Mall in front of Marassi
Tel: 010 2997 03 03
Call center: 19364
Working Hours: Daily from 1 pm – 2 am
Egy Puppy is a leading pet specialty retailer that offers high-quality dry food enriched with healthy ingredients for your dog, in addition to products, and services to keep your pet physically fit, mentally refreshed, and emotionally happy. Egy Puppy also provides a grooming experience i.e. shower,nail clipping and trimming,ear cleaning and haircuts.

British Animal Hospital at Siesta Marina

Location: In front of Marina 5
Tel: 0106 878 1686 – 0100 634 4025
Working Hours: 24 hr
Facebook: British Animal Hospital
Offers full veterinary services for all pets, with qualified vets. Round the clock availability for emergency cases


Jaz Almaza Beach Resort at Almaza Bay

Location: Almaza Bay, 37 km east of Marsa Matrouh
Hotline : 16380
Tel: +2 (046) 436 0020
WhatsApp: 0109 106 3871
Email: [email protected]
Working Hours: 24/7
White sand, turquoise waters and smooth breeze on the beach are the highlight of a Jaz Almaza Beach Resort vacation, only 37 km east of Marsa Matrouh. The unison of its Mediterranean style architecture and five-star services and amenities is the soprano of sounds.

Jaz Crystal Resort at Almaza Bay

Location: Almaza Bay, 37 km east of
Marsa Matrouh
Hotline : 16380
Tel: +2 (046) 436 0020
WhatsApp: 0109 106 3871
Email: [email protected]
Working Hours: All day long
Presiding over four magnificent miles of soft sand and cerulean seas, Jaz Crystal Resort is the perfect rhythm for the ideal holiday in Egypt. This resort plays all the right chords for those in the mood for indulgent relaxation or supersized family fun.

THE G Hotel at Seashell

Location: Seashell, Km 134
Tel: 0100 033 4142
Working Hours: 10 am – 3 am
Experience generous indulgence and attention to detail in Art, Design, Music, Gastronomy and Living Quarters to bring you the G Lifestyle. It’s an uplifting feel that will resonate and evoke your senses as you unwind on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Mazeej Hotel at Hacienda

Location: Hacienda White
Tel: 0101 911 8199
Email: [email protected]
Mazeej White, where the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea meet, and a world awaits to be discovered. A one-ofa- kind hotel, located amidst the desert and sea, on Egypt’s beautiful Alamein coast.

Nirvana Wellness Huts at White Bay

Location: White Bay, Km 230
Tel: 19164
Working Hours: 2pm – 12 pm
Located in El Sahel near Marsa Matruh, Nirvana Wellness Huts – White Bay provides accommodation with a seating area. There is a fully equipped private bathroom with shower and free toiletries. The tented camp offers a continental or buffet breakfast. Nirvana Wellness Huts – White Bay offers a hot tub in the Premium Huts.

Fitness & Wellness

Gold’s Gym Egypt atVista Bay & Marassi

Location: La Vista Bay and Marassi
Tel: 0112 277 7783
Working Hours: 8 am – 8 pm
Personal fitness plans, backed by traditional and digital personal training options and the promise to be with you every step of the way; Gold’s Gym has evolved so you can transform your life.

Gold’s Studio at Marassi

Location: Marassi Clubhouse
Tel: 0100 535 8303
Working Hours: 10 am – 10 pm
GOLD’S STUDIO® is a unique training community with allinclusive access to enhanced group fitness programs like GOLD’S FIT®, GOLD’S BURN™, and GOLD’S CYCLE™ – all under one roof. Our expert coaches lead dynamic workouts individually adapted to your fitness level, allowing you to create your ideal mix of cardio and strength training to maximize results.

Be Fit

Location: Hacienda Bay and Hacienda White
Functional training:  Daily, 11 am – 4 pm
Gym: 10 am – 4 pm

BeFit is a leading Fitness entity in Egypt, which aims at offering premium Health & Fitness Services to both professional athletes and the general public. It is not only about delivering a perfect workout session, but also offering transformative experiences that change the style and structure of daily life. It offers signature functional training sessions at the North Coast, and also an open gym by the beach at Hacienda White with Personal Training slots.

Bring your sports gear along and get ready to sweat it out by the beach!

Email address: [email protected]
Instagram: befit.360

Wave at Marassi

Location: Verdi, Marassi
Tel: 0102 305 7273
Working Hours:
Friday: 12 pm (wavekids), 1:30pm
Saturday: 12 pm (wavekids), 1:30pm
Wave is form of aquatic fitness that introduces a new approach to a physical workout, it works on core strength and conditioning while in the water and on the board, which increases stamina and activates muscles while decreasing impact on the joints.

Drench & Nourish by Rowana Badry at Seashell

Location: Seashell
Contacts via email only:
[email protected]
Instagram: @rowanabadry_
A mix of different full body exercises that includes various segments of strength, power and HIIT in one hour, all based on functionality to provide you with the essential physical skills that will enhance your daily activities. You will drench enough to shred some fats and also get stronger. Nourish is Rowana’s nutrition service, offering special customized services catered to each individual’s needs, with close follow ups and different workout programs.

Move at Telal & Marassi

Location: Javelin Club in Telal and Marassi
Tel: 0122 161 6783
Working Hours: 11 am – 5 pm
Move is a fitness entity providing functional training program. It doesn’t matter if your goal is losing weight, gaining muscle, living longer, or healthier nutrition,Move has fully fledged, caring coaches who work with you to reach your goal.

3agal Masr

Location: Weekly maintenance visits by prior arrangement.
Tel: 0102 888 2444
3agal Masr is the sole authorized distributor of top-of-the-line bicycle brands; Trek (USA), Electra (USA), Bontrager (USA), Fuji (USA), Saris/CycleOps (USA), Ryder (South Africa) and many others. Our bike variety comprises all types of bicycles; infants, kids, adults, Mountain, Road, Hybrid, Cruisers, Tricyles, Foldable, Electric Bikes, and Fat Bikes. A team of well experienced technicians provide bicycle maintenance with weekly visits to Sa7el.

Ballers Basketball Academy

Location: Diplo, Sidi Abdel Rahman

Tel: 0122 0911 771 / 0102 390 0687

Working hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Boys and girls 4-7 years: 10 am -11 am

Boys and girls 8 – 11 years: 11 am – 12 pm

Highly qualified coaching staff with experience in training in the best clubs and academies offer a well-defined basketball curriculum to maximize each young athlete’s experience.

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