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The Egyptian Roots of Bio Geometry

By Jennifer Wilson

Energy surrounds us. It is both tangible and intangible. The human mind and body may respond to certain energy fields in both negative and positive ways. The ancient Egyptians had an understanding of the forces of nature at work in our world. Natives and locals that closely interact with the land, such as farmers and healers, seem to have a certain instinct that we cannot always comprehend.

They seem to accurately predict whether a piece of land will be fruitful or not.

Ancient healing traditions prescribe certain healing foods and places. Certain sacred spots on earth offer us healing energies and restoration. What if there was a science that could accurately measure, understand and recreate these energies in order to harness them for our benefit and cancel the negative energy fields at the same time? Cairo East Magazine had the opportunity to sit with the enlightened and articulate Mona Hossny to learn more about the science of BioGeometry.



CEM: What is Bio- Geometry?

MH: BioGeometry is a patented Egyptian modern science which studies the physics of quality as opposed to quantity, which is the physics we usually learn about in school. It is a science that brings harmony and balance into living energy systems and harmonizes their interactions with the environment by using shape, color, motion and sound through resonance and harmonics. BioGeometry is an applied science by virtue of its successful applicability in numerous fields as architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, and vehicles to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, structural design, and earth-energy radiation. BioGeometry is also being applied in agriculture and animal farming to increase productivity while reducing the use of controversial chemicals and artificial treatments.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, the Egyptian scientist, architect and founder of Biogeometry created this science approximately 45 years ago. He was inspired by Radiesthesia; the science of using man’s sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from the energy levels that are not accessible to our five senses in which simple instruments are used as indicators to measure minute vibrational interactions between energy fields. Radiesthesia has its roots in Ancient Egypt and was revived in the mid-forties by  two French scientists named Leon Chaumery and Andre De Belizal.

How is BioGeometry accomplished?

Energy waves move in two ways, horizontal and vertical. We have learned that vertical waves are harmful to our living energies. In the human body, energy waves move horizontally.

The science of BioGeometry recognizes sacred places and power spots on the planet, just as it recognizes bad energy spots. In these sacred places, consider the ancient Egyptian temples, Mecca and Lourdes among them, the energy fields that naturally radiate here are the energy fields that we seek to create in all other spaces in order to obtain the natural healing properties. Dr. Ibrahim has coined this energy quality  BG3 referring to the three components of it; horizontal negative green (not in fact the color green), ultra violet and gold, similar to the names they occupy but radiating at a higher octave.


How does BioGeometry affect our everyday lives?

BioGeometry can affect our lives in every way and in all environments. All environments are faced with many problems nowadays. There is almost no place on earth that is not affected by electromagnetic fields and radiation. You can even find electromagnetic fields and radiation in the middle of the desert. It has been demonstrated that these frequencies are harmful to human beings; to our immune systems and our general well-being.

How does BioGeometry help people?

We completed a very successful project in Switzerland. After a communications company installed their antennas in remote previously untouched mountainous areas, residents were experiencing a large amount of unexplained health problems, both psychological  and physical in addition to environmental damage to wildlife and the natural surroundings. Migrating birds stopped passing by those villages, bats and field rabbits disappeared, cows had less milk and residents were suffering from headaches and epileptic seizures along with other physical ailments and changes in tempers. Because of how these changes came on so suddenly, the Swiss government wanted to better understand the ramifications of the energy waves and the impact on human beings and the environment.

So in this case, we installed shapes on antennae in the area and in the homes of the residents. We used different shapes both above ground and below ground to address the imbalance and re-create the harmony that was existing in the environment previously.

We also conducted a research project on poultry with Suez university. We studied their mode of production and found that what they fed the chickens and the environment that they bred the chickens in affected the rate at which the chickens were ready for consumption. If the feed was polluted by various means, sedatives, antibiotics and hormones were given, these negative energies were consumed by the chickens, affecting their development, which in turn negatively affected the end consumer. When we changed the feed, stopped the medications and  balanced the energies of the environment the chickens lived in, they were ready for consumption after 36 days rather than 45.

The negative energy from the feed and physical space caused harming effects on the chickens. It was removed and replaced with healing energy which results in a more positive experience for the person who consumes the chicken as these energies are transferred to humans who consume bounty from the earth. Humans who consume the chicken will draw from the same energy that the chickens drew from.

This is just one dimension of the benefits. In addition, knowledge of the energy fields and the changes that we made ultimately reduced the cost of production by decreasing the time the chickens needed to develop before being processed for human consumption. This has positive repercussions for using less environmental resources in a shorter time and saves the business owner production costs possibly decreasing his overhead expenses or increasing profit margins or lowering the cost for the customer.

Which shape, or types of shapes are the most effective?

There is not one particular shape which is most effective. All shapes can be very effective depending on what you are doing. We actually use the color scale to measure the various energies in the universe. Additionally, there is not one type of material that is preferable either, though we do use plexi-glass often as it is durable.

Have you witnessed improvements in people’s lives when using BioGeometry?

Certainly yes. In addition to health benefits that can be witnessed, BioGeometry takes you back to spirituality. As all humans are on the quest to understand oneself, life and the world around us, BioGeometry is the link between spirituality and science. It speaks to our belonging instinct and might satisfy some of the longing questions that some people might not find in religion as we know it. It is a way to understand the harmony amongst all living and non-living things on the planet, by incorporating science and spirituality rather than having them in opposition.

What are the main elements that help create a healthy living space?

Well, the ideal situation is to start using BioGeometric principles before you even begin to build. You want to learn if there is a power spot on the land, or if there are any harmful spots. You want to align the building with the earth energy grid lines and to begin using the balancing energy so that when and after you build, you can channel this energy into your home and bring more of it through the designing language of BioGeometry. Once the home is built, or if the home is already built, you can achieve healing positive energies through design and furniture placement and creation.

Is it possible to have a consultation and if so, what is involved?

At this time, we would rather concentrate on research projects and the dissemination of the knowledge; our impact will be greater if we focus our time and resources on finding holistic solutions and working on big projects rather than going into individual homes.

This is actually why we have created the home kit. The home kit contains small plexi-glass cubes and chips that you can install at the main sources of water and electricity in your home in order to cancel out the negative energy and channel more positive energies into your home.

Can BioGeometry be studied in Egypt?

Yes it can. There are various Masters and PhD level programs in Egypt. Foundational level courses are also offered. We have a BioGeometry Center located in Maadi. You can find out more information on our website

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