8 Ways to Help Animals During Winter


The weather is getting colder by the day in Egypt, and it’s time we start thinking about our furry friends in homes and the ones who stray on the streets of the city. Here are 8 ways to protect animals and help keep them survive the winter.

1. Build Temporary Shelters on the Streets

If you cannot provide shelter for stray animals, you can build them temporary homes on the streets with simple materials like cardboard boxes, plastic lids, even leaves that can protect them from light rain and hail.

2. Check under cars before starting the engine

Small kittens, puppies, and rabbits often seek shelter inside warm engines, between car tires, or underneath vehicles. So just take a moment to check no hidden animals are around your car before starting the engine. Take a moment and save an innocent life.

3. Donate to shelters 

Give money to your local shelters to help them provide care to more animals and expand.

4. Adopt

Animal shelters can only take in so many animals, so if you are thinking of getting a new pet, think of adopting. Especially in winter when you know so many are out in the cold.

5. Leave water and food out

Leaving a bowl of water and some leftovers near your house entrance or by the corner of your street can help keep a stray animal survive longer during winter. You do not have to leave it right at your doorstep to avoid them hovering at your house every hour, but anywhere in the street will do.

6. Don’t leave them outdoors for too long at night

If you own pets already, try to keep them inside at night when temperatures drop to keep them warm and loved.

7. Clean their paws 

Humans get frostbites, and animals get infected in their paws. Thoroughly wash and dry your pets’ paws to get rid of any road salts, de-icing chemicals, and dirt after a night of heavy rain.

8. Put on carpets or blankets on the floor

If you can’t walk barefoot during winter, imagine animals. Putting carpets or small blankets on the floor will give them warmth and great comfort.

Meow Tours: Animal Rights Initiative Spreads Food and Love to Strays

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