What is your Astrological Job Description?


By Hilary Diack

Are you a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? Are you one of the many people who spend much of their lives struggling to cope with a job that they find unfulfilling and frustrating? And how many employers are bound to employees who seem to lack any joy in their tasks?

That is where the time-honored science of astrology can shed a bit of light. Based on your Sun sign, you could have an affinity for certain types of occupations. According to notable 19th century astrologer, Sepharial (a.k.a Dr. Walter Gorn Old), and as outlined in his classic work, The Manual of Astrology, first published in 1898, there are certain career and work indicators according to the planet ruling each birth sign. Since that early work this concept has been studied and applied in many situations, and even became quite a trend with companies recruiting staff for specific positions. So, let’s see where you fit, but remember that this is based on your Sun sign, and that other factors in your birth chart can exert an influence as well.


Ruled by Mars, this Cardinal sign has abundant energy and initiative, along with a competitive nature. If you want to get something off the ground quickly, get an Aries buddy to help. However, when it comes to follow-up you might find that they have dashed off to tackle another challenge, leaving you with the work. In times of yore, they were said to be suited to occupations dealing with fire, iron and steel, sharp objects, and the military. Nowadays they pop up everywhere, but ideal jobs would be entrepreneur, rally-driver (that reckless streak they have), police officers, or fire-fighters (or pyromaniacs). They are excellent promoters and may find the world of advertising and public relations appeals to their outgoing nature.


This Venus-ruled sign loves the good things of life, so expect to find them where beauty, luxury, good food and comfort abound. They can do well in design and fashion for this reason. They are often blessed with good voices so can become announcers, public speakers or even professional singers. Taurus enjoys stability so they place importance on good benefits, vacation time, salary, job security. Determined, patient, honest, and methodical, they are excellent team members and extremely dependable. Their affinity for the soil can see them becoming landscape architects, and their material nature makes them good accountants (or debt-collectors).


You get double value for your money with Mercury-ruled Gemini. Masters of the written and spoken word, they excel in jobs that allow them to express themselves. Multi-taskers, they do not handle monotonous tasks well, so need variety and stimulation to keep boredom at bay. They are natural teachers, as they have alert and enquiring minds and enjoy sharing their knowledge. Anything involving networking and social activity suits them down to the ground, they love to keep up with the latest news. Great jobs could be broadcaster, journalist or gossip columnist.


Sensitive water sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which accounts in many ways for their fluctuating moods. They are great home-makers, and conversely, also keen on travelling, which often sees them carting favorite possessions around the planet in their rucksacks. Their love of heritage, family and history makes them excellent historians, antique dealers and museum curators. They are often drawn to catering and the Food and Beverage industry, as well as taking care of anything or anyone. They have strong protective instincts, so kindergarten manager would suit them perfectly.


Sun-ruled Leo really is the king of the jungle. They love to be in the spotlight, so anything that puts them in front of a captive audience works well. Try actor, rock star, model, celebrity of any sort. Their courage and willingness to thing ‘big’ makes them an asset in most places. They are generally kind-hearted, in spite of the occasional growl, and as natural leaders tend to work towards executive positions. They do not enjoy being a subordinate at all. They can be creative, as well as dramatic, so may do well in interior design, with the rich and famous as clients.


Ruled by Mercury, Virgos have a reputation for being so obsessed with details that they cannot see the wood for the trees. They can become a little nit-picky, making them excellent critics, because they do possess quite sharp mental faculties. Health matters deeply interest most Virgos, they make great dieticians or nutritionists. Writing, research, and statistics also come naturally to the meticulous Virgo brain. They are also easy to get along with as they are generally very cheerful. Many Virgos have a knack for languages so can make good translators and teachers.


Charming and sociable, Venus-ruled Libra is the natural diplomat of the zodiac. If they are not on everyone’s party list they may panic, that’s how important their relationships are to them. They thrive in an environment of beauty and have an artistic flair, so cannot function in dingy or dirty surroundings. Good manners mean a lot to them, so they make great PR executives, formidable party and wedding planners, florists and entertainers. Ambitious businessmen could not do better than snap up a Libra wife, they will be reliably well-groomed, gracious and charming with their important guests.


Ruled jointly by Pluto and Mars, these are the secretive power-players that often cross our paths. Intense, enigmatic, charismatic, they can be the control freaks from hell, but make us enjoy the experience.  They do not reveal much about themselves, so may not be the easiest colleagues in a team situation, they can work better when left to their own resources. Don’t ever try to fob them off with evasive answers, they will dig until the truth comes out in any situation, and have uncanny intuition. That’s why they make such great secret agents, detectives, researchers, psychiatrists and scientists. Their nerves of steel also make them suited for work as surgeons.


Known for their philosophical outlook on life, these natural adventurers make great buddies and workmates. Prone to pranks and practical jokes they can be the clown in any situation, but are equally likely to suddenly exhibit a rather self-important pomposity. You can put that down to their ruling planet, Jupiter. Higher education and philosophy appeal to them, they often are drawn to religion and teaching. They make good judges and lawyers, justice and fairness count with them, as does ethical behavior towards both humans and animals. Any job involving sport and fitness, travel, or development of the mind appeals to them, so they can be happy as travel agents, tour guides, veterinarians, personal trainers, and coaches.


Capricorns can be very ambitious and need challenges to function at their best. Saturn-ruled Capricorns are determined and persistent and are not easily dissuaded or discouraged. If there is any sign that can set a long-term goal and achieve it, it is Capricorn. This generally makes them responsible and conscientious and good in administrative positions where they will enforce rules and keep everyone on schedule. They also tend to be workaholics and expect the same of you.  Their best jobs are manager, administrator, editor, banker, IT expert, and anything science-related.


Free-spirited Aquarians may seem a bit too quirky at times for their more rational colleagues, it’s that planet Uranus you see. But, there is method in their madness if you stick around to observe. They are the most likely to have an unconventional job, maybe even one of their making. They will rebel against corporate environments, needing freedom of thought and movement. They will not be satisfied doing things the same way they have always been done. They can do well as scientists, astrologers, inventors, organic farmers, aviators, designers, musicians or rebel leaders.


The ‘softie’ of the zodiac, kind-hearted Pisces is often seen as an easy touch. This Neptune-ruled visionary is not necessarily naïve or stupid, it boils down to the fact that they actually really care, be it about your hardships, or the planet at large. They often work in charity organizations, shelters, hospitals, orphanages and places where they can feel their contribution making a difference.  Neptune also rules film, so it comes as no surprise that the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was a Pisces babe. They are highly empathetic and intuitive, making it easy to express emotions on screen.


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