Mistiqa Island: Great Egyptian Food in La Vista Bay


While Sa7el is truly something to look forward to each season, there are some quintessentially Cairo ‘faves’ that we can’t help but feel nostalgic about, the authentic Egyptian dishes of Mistiqa, for example. Mistiqa island

Now that Mistiqa Island is rolling out the same traditional fare in the heart of Sa7el, life just got a whole lot better since they offer the best of Egyptian favorites, from mezzeh to grills.

Signature dish: Shish Taouk

What You Will Find

Breakfast, to start with. Missing your foul? Served in all the best ways, of course. Or craving eggs with basterma or falafel? Maybe an energy boost after a late night out with a healthy juice, and Feteer Meshaltet, served with honey or molasses and fresh cream.

While the breakfast menu is served until 2 pm, later risers can go for brunch or lunch. Start with hot and cold mezzeh, fresh baladi bread and refreshing juices and smoothies.

There is something about having a table laden with myriad small dishes offering tantalizing aromas and flavors, each begging to be dug into with bread fresh from the oven. It’s all there, from tahini and baba ghanoush, to every oriental salad you know and love. What could beat fried eggplant with garlic and vinegar on a sunny day?

Mistiqa islandThen it would be time to indulge in a shared plate of chicken livers, a small mountain of vine leaves, some perfectly spiced soujouk, and a generous serving of hawawshi, before digging into Mitsiqa’s renowned Half Grilled Chicken. Mistiqa island

Much as we are committed fans of Shish Tawouk and grilled kofta, they would wait until a return visit, along with a scoop or two of ice cream to beat the summer heat, naturally.

Beverages: Fresh juices, milkshakes, cold beverages and a good range of hot options.

Mistiqa islandContact information Mistiqa island

Opening hours: All-day concept

Tel: Reservations – 0155 700 0000 – Delivery – 0155 700 0007

Address: La Vista Bay, Sa7el Mistiqa island

Facebook: mistiqaisland

Instagram: mistiqaisland

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