Pump Up the Action in Sa7el


If you can tear yourself away from the lure of the beach, which we know is not easy; there are some great activities in Sa7el to add even more excitement to your summer vacation. Here we go with our hot picks!

Adrenalin Egypt

Kids aged between 7 and 16 years should head across to Marassi and Bo Island to get some action. Let loose with activities like Bazooka Fight or Laser Tag, and test your skills on the shooting range. No reservations are required, and it opens from 7 pm to 1 am.

Facebook: Adrenalin Park, Egypt
Instagram: Adrenalin_Egypt

Aqua Fit

Your favorite summer workout has started! What could feel better than moving and toning in the freshness of water? Daily at 11 am and 12 am, in Hacienda Red.

Tel: 0100 203 0500
Instagram: @ aquafit.egy

Foot Park

The world’s first football theme park, innovating 16 competitive yet fun challenges that bring gamification to life through an audio-visual experience. With the FootPark App, members can view their scores, experience and points, which can be redeemed for unique, cool gifts. This is guaranteed fun for guys and girls, with no age restrictions. Operating in Lakeyard, Hacienda Bay on weekdays from 5 pm to 3am, and till 4 am on weekends.

Facebook: thefootpark
Instagram: foot_park
Tel: 0120 661 6015

O Cinema El Alamein

This is the spot to catch all the new releases! Head over to O Mall in New El- Alamein City. Screenings run from 2:30 pm right up until 6 am.

Tel: 0120 011 8833
Facebook/ Instagram: ocinemaeg
Website: www.ocinemaeg.com

Power Ride Sports

Join in at PowerRide in Diplo, Sidi Abdel Rahman, where you can be part of a unique indoor cycling experience that offers the most advanced indoor bikes with power meters, along with a virtual simulation on a large screen, and the possibility to compete with your friends and reach the top of Watts Warrior.

Website: http://powerridesports.com


Train with the Champions

Collaborating with LA Gym in Seashell, Train with Champions delivers a new concept of an everyday workout, mixing Fitness with Mixed Martial Arts.

Instagram: twc.e

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