March Stars – 2017


It’s time to take stock and see how things stand after last month’s two eclipses. February was a real game changer, but that can work to our advantage if we know how to keep an open mind and a positive outlook. Let’s see what March has in store.

P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

March Birthdays: Ahmed El Sakka (Actor) March 1st, Elham Shaheen (Actress) March 3rd,  Mahmoud Abdel Razek Fadlallah (Footballer) commonly known as Shikabala, March 5th,  Yousra (Actress) March 10th, Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Composer), March 13th,  Bassem Youssef (Doctor, Satirist) March 21st.

Our Birthday Sign:


As March opens you may be in a dreamy state of mind, not unusual for Pisces we might add. By the second week however, you may burst into action, mainly to clear up any financial muddle that seems to have landed on your plate. The 12th of March may not have you feeling your best, just be patient and things should brighten up within a few days. A windfall of sorts is possible around the 25th, or news that can boost your earning potential.


March kicks off with the Moon in your birth sign, putting you once more firmly in the driver’s seat. Your input is called for, and you will be ready to give it. Take care around the 3rd however, when something promised looks too good to be true, it probably is. By the 5th you should be back on track, and when your ruling planet Mars enters your sector of earnings a few days later your energies will be directed to building up your reserves again. By the final week of the month you will see the big picture more clearly.


The first three days of March offer a chance to get the month cracking at a good pace. The major theme in the first couple of weeks will be largely about how you interact with your circle of friends. Romantic issues remain private; maybe you are not willing to share what is going on in your heart? The 7th looks good for social activities, so jot it down in your calendar. Expect life to get a whole lot busier when Mars romps into your birth sign on the 10th, amp up your energy levels!




If there has ever been a month when you can benefit from networking, this is it. It seems that your career potential and who you know are linked in more ways than one. Misconceptions could arise around the 4th, so be as transparent as possible. On the upside, your creative and most inspired self could be in plain view on the same date. Try to get together with friends, or enjoy something community related around the 18th, it could be more fun than you imagined.


You may be feeling a bit restless, with an urge to take off somewhere exotic for a change of scene. If circumstances don’t permit, then heave a sigh and throw yourself wholeheartedly into whatever work is at hand. Someone close to you could give you the practical support and confidence boost you need to achieve something major during the first week of March and the 18th could see you feeling on top of the world. Avoid arguments around the 24th if possible though; the damage could take a while to patch up.


Planetary energy in Aries suits you; all that fire energy has you in action mode. You will need to play things a little more carefully after the 10th when the passage of Mars into your solar 10th house makes you assertive when it comes to getting ahead. It could also indicate a run-in with an authority figure, so swallow your pride if need be. An attraction to something, or someone with exotic appeal could spice up the 25th for you.


It may seem that everyone else is calling the shots this month, but don’t let it get to you. Try to go with the flow, and be as cooperative as possible. You may need to review your finances, clear up any outstanding bills if possible to free the way for more enjoyable pursuits in following months. It is a good month for learning new skills and expanding your knowledge, so if time allows, why not sign up for a course in something that interests you?


Your best course of action this March will probably be to buckle down and focus on work, and your closest relationships. The world will continue on its own path, so let your focus become less about the big picture and more about your immediate circle. Married Libras should invest in quality time with their special someone, and singles might find a relationship rapidly becoming more serious. There could be news on this front around the 28th, but don’t get too carried away on the 30th.




Use this month to get into a good steady routine for work, health and fitness. You may have slipped a bit recently, so make up for it now. Your close relationships could either be invigorating, or a source of friction if someone pushes your buttons a bit too hard. Aim to keep your temper in check, after all your self-control is renowned. With the Sun spending much of the month in your sector of creativity, hobbies, children, and romance, make sure you keep some time for the fun side of life as well.



The focus seems to fall largely on your home, domestic life and children this March. Expect to be kept really busy, just make sure that you don’t ignore your own health and wellbeing in the process. Keep to a healthy diet, and don’t take on more than you can really manage. You could be in a creative frame of mind, so why not put your home decorating ideas into play with a new look for spring? Make the most of good constructive energy around the 5th; it’s a good day for getting things done.


Your natural talent for being well-organized will be your strong suit this March. There will be a lot of communication and running around, on top of keeping the home running like a well-oiled wheel. “So, what’s new?” You may ask. Mars in your 5th house of kids, sport, recreation and creative pursuits may see you looking for ways to burn off some energy. Maybe a new gym class or some family-based outdoor activities to make the most of the spring weather? Your best days are the 9th and 27th, when your intuition and insight work in your favor.


There’s a lot you would like to get done this month, and it all takes cash. You have a busy month ahead, with a few wild cards to handle, but hey, Aquarians love the unexpected, right? The 18th is the best day for making important calls or asking favors, and generally the 3rd week of March will be the most productive. If you set the wheels in motion early, things should fall into place by then. The last day of March however needs to be handled with caution; a show of too much confidence could trip you up.


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