Make the Most of your August 2017 Stars !


By Maeri Frances


August in Sa7el. Could there be anything better? The trendiest restaurants, coolest clubs, amazing beaches, most eclectic boutiques… what more could you ask for?

Hmm… If you are single, maybe a handy reference for the best days to party, the luckiest days for finding love, which days to chill out, and the best dates for making a soul connection. So here we go!

P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

1st to 3rd August:

The Moon is in fun-loving sporty Sagittarius, so take that as hint to get a little physical. Check out the local gyms and fitness clubs, you may be surprised to find a new crowd of people who you feel right at home with. There could be confused messages on the evening of the 2nd, don’t stress, just go with the flow. Great days for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius of course.

4th to 6th August:

A Capricorn Moon brings a more serious tone, so make sure that you get the best table at the right restaurant if you are looking to impress. It could also be an idea to check your work email, just in case there is something you need to follow up on. Luck favors the diligent these days. Take care not to push too hard with what seems like a great idea on the 6th, it could be more complicated than you thought. Libra and Capricorn may not find much common ground.

7th to 8th August:

It’s time to be a bit quirky, and spend time in less conservative company. The Full Moon in Aquarius might draw a line between the high rollers and the less showy members of your group. Find your niche and relax, at the end of the day it is all about having fun, and not worrying about who you are going to impress. Look to build lasting friendships under this influence.

9th to 10th of August:

There could be a dreamlike quality to these days. Feelings will be close to the surface, and you could make a connection to someone who seems to understand you on an intuitive level. It’s definitely the time for ladies to wear softer, more feminine fashions, the sort that make you look irresistible in a moonlit beach setting, if you follow…

The more time you spend by the sea, the more in tune with yourself you should feel. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces should be in top form, especially on the evening of the 11th and early morning of the 12th.

11th to 12th of August:

When the Moon enters Aries you should hit the ground running. The mood is upbeat, so put on your dancing shoes, or even better, go barefoot…

Decisions can be spur of the moment, but isn’t that more fun? Don’t let anyone mess with your head over lunch on the 12th. Best to keep away from arguments or anyone trying to ruffle your feathers. Mercury turns retrograde early on the 13th, so expect a couple of weeks of missed appointments, technical glitches and… traffic jams.

13th to 14th of August:

This is the time of the month for a spot of self-indulgence. Forget about diets for the next day or two, just head for the best foodie outlets in Sa7el and enjoy. While you’re at it, why not check out a local spa, your senses will benefit from a relaxing massage and facial. Social activity should be centered on good company, good music, and of course, great food and drink.

15th to 17th of August:

If your wish-list seems to be expanding at a ridiculous rate maybe it is time to be a little more realistic. Yes, we understand, there are so many shops, and so many things to do, but try to look for ways to gratify your whims that don’t max the credit cards. A Gemini Moon could mean there is a lot of social chit-chat, but not much patience around for heavier subjects. Cancer and Capricorn should avoid emotionally tense situations on the 15th.

18th to 21st of August:

Ritzy venues and dressing to impress are on the cards these days. A Leo Moon supports showmanship, generosity and full on entertainment. It is worth splurging a little, everyone should feel like a king or queen occasionally. The added energy and boost to self-confidence that comes on the evening of the 20th, with a power-packed aspect between Mars and Jupiter, is a reward in itself. Leos should team up with Libras to get a plan off the ground.

22nd to 23rd of August:

After full-on partying over the past days, what everyone needs is a good rest and a massive detox. A couple of early nights are in order, plenty of smoothies and salads, and a good book to fall asleep with in your hammock. With both the Sun and Moon in Virgo the mood of the moment may be more on wellbeing and healthy activities rather than hanging out till dawn. Taurus babes should be looking their best; romance could come from unexpected quarters.

24th to 25th of August:

It’s the perfect time to throw an elegant, refined soiree for the beautiful people in your life. Nothing noisy, flashy or tacky of course, these days are for polished manners and gracious hospitality. It s also a prime-time to indulge in a little matchmaking, so singles who have seen the summer slip by without a spark of interest should do anything to be on the right guest list. After all, Libra is all about love and partnership, and the Moon is working its magic in that special sign.


26th to 28th of August:

It’s time to get the mindset back into work-mode. While you have been lazing on a beach, what has been cooking behind the scenes? Get smart and do a bit of catching up on what is hot news on the work front before you hit the desk again. There is a supportive aspect between Jupiter and Saturn around lunch-time on the 27th. Why not do a spot of work-related socializing? Optimism and pragmatism should be well balanced, and solid plans put into action.

29th to 30th of August:

Throw yourself wholeheartedly into the final days of the month. Keep the mood light, get close to nature, meet up with friends and set goals for Summer 2018. In Sa7el of course! There is a bittersweet feel to these days, and a whole host of memories to treasure. Fire signs should be feeling revived and ready to tackle a return to the fray.

31st of August:

Practicality rules today. Even though the water is still enticingly blue, the sun enduringly hot, and the beat goes on, it’s time to reflect on how you can cope with the transition back to life in the big city. If you were smart you should be fitter, more relaxed and raring to go. The rest of us can start working on losing those extra kilos, reorganizing our shattered schedules and answering all the emails that are clogging up our inboxes. Hey ho….

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