Kidscopes: Your Child’s 2018 Forecast


Kidscopes: Your Child’s 2018 Forecast 

By Maeri Frances

Happy Mother’s Day! Remember the moment when you held that adorable little bundle in your arms for the first time? Did you even have an inkling of what was in store? To help you get a handle on navigating 2018, let’s take a look at how the planets are playing out this year for your kids, sign by sign.

Don’t forget, your child’s rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.



The quirky, unpredictable, innovative, independent and sometimes chaotic planet Uranus has been coursing through Aries since mid 2010. Maybe that’s why we have a bunch of uncontrollable little geniuses running around. Discipline? Forget it…. these babes are a few steps ahead of you, especially when it comes to tech stuff. Feed that interest, they may be the game changers a few years down the line.  Give them freedom, guide them on a loose rein, and be their best buddy.

Life lesson for 2018: Managing finances – and they may have some out-of-the-box ideas on that as well.


Your solid, affectionate, dependable little child may suddenly start to keep you guessing this year, especially if his or her birthday falls at the beginning of the sign. Expect the unexpected, unpredictable behavior, flashes of brilliance, and ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. Nurture this as much as you can, allow that little mind to feel free to explore new ideas, new technology, and making new friends.

Life lesson for 2018: Allow independence and originality to bloom.


Bright little chatterboxes, these Gemini kids. This year, the challenge will be to keep them focused and on track. Their curious minds may be delving into all of life’s mysteries, so be ready to provide the answers! Keep them busy with plenty of reading material, as well as a list of good educational documentaries and films. Health matters look good, it is a good time to instill an appreciation for nutritious eating and exercise.

Life lesson for 2018: Routines can be fun!



Emotional, moody and sometimes shy, Moon-ruled Cancer children can actually be quite resilient. They need to be coaxed gently out of their shell when upset, harsh words will not get you anywhere. This year they have oppositions from heavy hitting planets, Saturn and Pluto. The realities of interacting with others will need to be faced. Reaching solutions and compromises will need your gentle guidance, and unconditional love.

Life lesson for 2018: Learn to roll with the punches.


A Leo of any age loves to be the boss, or king of the castle. Nobody laps up attention more than your little Sun child. This year you may need to teach him or her the importance of being part of a team, along with social skills and the art of cooperation and sharing. 2018 is a good year to place more responsibility on those proud little shoulders, especially when it comes to routine chores.

Life lesson for 2018: Shine through originality and excellence.


Virgo children are generally quiet little souls, just give them a computer or book and they will amuse themselves for hours. Picky eaters, yes, and not always keen on rowdy games; they also need the freedom to choose their own friends. 2018 brings a period of strong earth energy; this will help Virgo kids find practical applications for their inventive minds. You will still need to encourage them to get out and about in the fresh air; tennis lessons, maybe?

Life lesson for 2018: Travel to visit a new and different culture.


Charmers from their very first moments, Libra children are sociable and adore beautiful, and usually expensive objects. This year may see them facing a few hard realities in terms of making do with what they have, as finances in the home may be a bit tight. Just so long as there is plenty of love and family time together! This could be a valuable period for instilling a set of non-materialistic values to support them through life.

Life lesson for 2018: Learn to look beyond surface appearances.


The year has provided Scorpios of all ages with great opportunities for growth. This often means a gain in weight as well, so 2018 could be the year to get your little Scorpio into a healthy eating regimen and some active sport. His or her mental faculties should be in fine fettle, so encourage learning and study in a quiet ambience.  Even from an early age Scorpios love to delve into a wide range of subjects, so try to provide the tools that will support this natural curiosity.

Life lesson for 2018: Learn to exercise self-control.


The past couple of years may have been a bit tough for young Sagittarians; they could have been forced to grow up rather quickly. The good news is that the path ahead is much easier. Restrictions may have been lifted; there will be more scope for getting out and having fun. This is the year as well to teach your child how to respect financial resources, so why not allow them to handle their own pocket money and personal expenses?

Life lesson for 2018: Freedom comes with its own set of responsibilities.


Serious little Capricorn children are often mature beyond their years, and now with Saturn and Pluto trundling through their birth sign, they may feel that they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Although 2018 may not be a carefree year for them, it will be useful in letting them reflect and become involved in taking decisions that impact their future. Your task as a mom will be to make sure that enough time is allocated for fun and leisure activities.

Life lesson for 2018: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


Don’t worry if your Aquarian kid seems a bit different from his or her peers. That’s the way they are. They can have a huge circle of friends, but still fiercely protect their own personal space and free time. Don’t over-organize them; an Aquarian child must have flexibility to pursue things on a whim from time to time. There could be a tendency to moodiness and brooding this year, so make yourself available for quality time and reassuring chats when your little one seems a bit down.

Life lesson for 2018: Go with the flow, you can’t fight change.



If ever a child was made for cuddling, it has to be a Pisces. Emotional, loving and delightfully playful, Pisces kids need to be protected from the world at times as they are far too trusting. 2018 could see their group of friends changing a little. They may seek out slightly older buddies who offer a sense of maturity and savoir-faire. Neptune still brings a dreaminess and inspired creativity to them throughout the coming years, so open up their world with art, theatre and film as much as you can.

Life lesson for 2018: Choose your friends wisely.

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