January Horoscopes: Your Forecast for 2018


By Maeri Frances

As we turn the page to a new year, we take a look at the bigger picture. What should your goals be in 2018, what are the possible danger zones? And where do your best opportunities lie? Let’s take a look at the main planetary energies and see how they can be harnessed to help us make the most of the year ahead. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

January Birthdays:  Donia Samir Ghanem – January 1st (actress), Mel Gibson – January 3rd (actor), Laila Elwi – January 4th (actress), Bradley Cooper – January 5th (actor), Ehab Tawfik – January 7th (singer), Nicholas Cage – January 7th (actor), Ali Gabr – January 10th (footballer), Samir Sabry – January 13th (actor), Essam El Hadary – January 15th  (footballer),  Jim Carrey – January 17th  (actor), Mohamed Nour – January 18th (composer), Farida Osman – January 18th (swimmer), Ramadan Sobhi – January 23rd (footballer), Omar Gaber – January 30th (footballer)


Rabble rousing Uranus is still sitting firmly in your birth sign for most of the year, apart from a brief sojourn in Taurus, prompting you to be your quintessential, pioneering, adventurous self. You should be able to develop your tech skills this year, but don’t get sidetracked from the real work at hand. With Saturn in his home sign Capricorn, along with heavy-hitter Pluto, you will have to be very focused in career matters. The potential for achievement is great, but hard graft is part of the deal. March should see you in good shape, ready for fun and a great summer.

New Year’s Resolution? Keep your eye on the ball where career is concerned.


Maybe you think you can happily cruise through this year with so much supportive earth energy around. But take care! Uranus, the planet of sudden change and disruption enters your sign for a few months around the time of your birthday and the surge of energy doesn’t really go with that fixed and sometimes stubborn Taurus nature. You should aim to be as flexible and chilled as possible as the year goes on to avoid letting things come to breaking point. That goes for your health as well, so why not counterbalance the effects with some tai chi or yoga?

New Year’s Resolution? Be open to change and go with the flow.


From a period where old friendships may have wafted away while new ones formed, you transition into a more introspective mode. You can be drawn into matters dealing with the resources of others, as well as dealing with health matters, whether your own or those close to you. On the up side, your close relationships are going to benefit from supportive energy from Jupiter in the final two months of 2018.  This could be a pivotal period for your romantic life.

New Year’s Resolution? Seek inspiration, not distraction.


This is a key year for partnership and marriage issues. Some of you may be taking the leap into more commitment, while others might find existing bonds being put under stress. In spite of this, romance in general is getting some great inspirational energy for most months this year. Patience will be needed at times, but the end result should be a more solid and realistic appreciation for what you have. There could be a shakeup in your career path, but if you see it as an opportunity to make a change for the better, it should work out.

New Year’s Resolution? Trust your instincts and intuition, especially in matters of the heart.


If you have been taking your robust health for granted things may catch up with you. Just stick to the golden rules of a balanced diet, daily exercise and enough sleep and you should avoid any major issues. Work and normal routines could be burdensome and a bit humdrum during 2018, so buckle down. Your hankering for a change of scene could see you making spur of the moment trips, but keep an eye on your budget. October and November put domestic life under the spotlight, it’s a great time to make some decor changes.

New Year’s Resolution? Learn to enjoy the simple things in life.


Children, romantic pursuits, hobbies and creative projects could call on your reserves of energy and financial resources this year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, stay balanced and keep things in proportion. You may not be the most demonstrative in your affections at the best of times, and this year you may be almost dour. If friends start avoiding you, maybe there is a lesson to be learned. However, matters to do with communication in general are still positive, so express yourself freely.

New Year’s Resolution? Tap into your emotions and let go of fear and insecurity.


The eternal quest for the perfect relationship will be uppermost in the minds of single Libras. This year could be the time you take a more realistic look at your expectations. Just make the most of opportunities to get out and meet people, take up new hobbies and squeeze in some short trips. For other Libras, relationships and longstanding partnerships could continue to see some changes during 2018, there may be an on/off factor due to a partner’s work commitments. June and July should be enjoyable months, and finances are healthy for most of 2018.

New Year’s Resolution? Be outgoing and sociable, romance will come when the time is ripe.


The first 10 months of 2018 will see you benefiting from opportunities, so make hay while the sun shines, as they say. If you have been alert and productive, the financial rewards should kick in as the year draws to an end. Your powers of concentration can really be developed this year, but take care not to exhaust yourself. Try to get those 8 hours of sleep each night, or risk burnout. Any health issues will probably stem back to over-exertion and lack of care in your diet. Summer should be enjoyable, so long as you lavish enough attention on your significant other, so don’t take him or her for granted.

New Year’s Resolution? Work hard at something you love.


Rewards come to those who wait, and finally you should feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders. As Saturn passes into its home sign Capricorn, you should see a stabilizing of financial matters. Not necessarily a windfall, but a clearer vision into how you can manage your income more effectively. When your planetary ruler Jupiter swings into your birth sign towards the end of the year, life will seem easier and there should be more opportunities for advancement, accompanied by a sense of optimism.

New Year’s Resolution? Keep that famous sense of humor, and see the bright side of things.


While nobody would accuse you of being frivolous this year, your virtues of being organized and hardworking will probably be a shining example to many. But do try to balance your life with some warm human interaction; life isn’t all about mechanical precision, is it? Feel blessed that your friends are probably a lot more relaxed and laid back than you, so spend quality time on social activities to balance your frenetic work pace. Domestic life is still subject to upheaval at times, try to keep your home as a refuge where the whole family can bond and enjoy togetherness.

New Year’s Resolution? Be more gentle with yourself.


If 2017 saw you zooming around with scarcely a moment to catch your breath, you should try to allocate some ‘me’ time during the coming 12 months. There could be changes on the domestic front by the end of the year; a move or changes in decor are likely. It’s not a time for undertaking anything too challenging, there will be quite enough to keep you busy without you biting off more than you can chew. Career matters continue to flourish, just put in the right amount of effort.

New Year’s Resolution? De-clutter and streamline your life as much as possible.


Self-improvement and higher education are still supported for you during the coming year. This could be the step you need for a major career boost, so it will pay off if you make the effort. Finances are still rather topsy-turvy, but with discipline you should be able to tuck a little away. You could need to step in and help friends at times this year, something your kind-hearted nature never objects to. You may also feel more drawn to older and more serious types than in past years, so benefit from their wisdom.

New Year’s Resolution? Seek out knowledge that can boost your career.

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