JAN 2017 Stars


Not feeling many pangs of nostalgia for 2016? It was a game-changer of a year, that’s for sure,  and how you adjusted is key to how you will fare during 2017. More than ever, this is year when we need to start with a clean slate, and a new mind-set. Emotions run high as we welcome 2017; Mars and Neptune team up in water sign Pisces on the 1st of January. Think in terms of setting out on a voyage of discovery. Read your birth sign, and your rising sign if you know it, to get a picture of what could be in store.




Neptune’s continuing presence in your 12th house brings a vague sense of something shifting underfoot. On the upside it can also mean that you should be able to develop your intuition, useful when you look at Pluto creating all sorts of interesting challenges in your 10th house of career. Jupiter is boosting relationship and partnership  matters until early October, make the most of it! Taskmaster Saturn in your solar 9th house asks you to work hard on studies, and could delay or complicate overseas travel plans this year.  Best period? Springtime, when you feel invigorated and aspects to Uranus in your birth sign stimulate you to seek out new experiences. New Year’s resolution – be transparent and honest with yourself and others.




Now that Saturn is well clear of your 7th house of partnerships and marriage you may see things brightening up. The past year or two should have given you ample opportunities to consider what your needs and responsibilities are in that direction, so you can go forward with a more realistic perspective. When Jupiter enters Scorpio as summer draws to a close things will get an additional boost, singles should be ready to get out and mingle, and married Taureans can enjoy a stronger relationship. Friends may still prove to be unreliable at times, and you generally need to be as flexible as possible, get ready to roll with the changes. New Year’s resolution – be willing to open up to a new closeness in relationships.




2017 opens with a dramatic conjunction between Mars and Neptune. It is right up there in your sector of maximum exposure, so if you don’t want to be the gossip of the town for weeks to come, keep your flamboyant party mode under tight rein on New Year’s Eve. This is not an easy aspect, it can create disruption and incidents linked to gas and explosions so exercise caution when opening anything fizzy! Overall, 2017 indicates new friendships, with unusual people who can introduce innovative ideas into your life. You still find money an issue, there could be unpaid bills hanging over your head, or someone constantly draining your resources. New Year’s resolution – exercise patience and stay focused.




In some ways you may feel that 2017 is a warm up for the following year, you will get glimpses of the potential and be able to start putting plans into place. Pluto is still putting close relationships to the test, often due to factors outside of your control. Domestic life and family should be your greatest source of joy and comfort, make the most of it! Your career could be subject to changes and unexpected highs and lows – stay ahead of the pack by getting up to date on the latest advances in technology. Your innovative approach could be a game-changer, be confident. You must remember though to avoid unnecessary exertion and overdoing things, both in your work and daily routine. Energy levels could be at a low this year, so pace yourself. New Year’s resolution – tap into your creativity and express yourself.




You can afford to feel a little smug, you are in an easier position than many with both Saturn and Uranus  transiting fellow fire signs. With Jupiter also sending good energy from compatible Libra, this is a year to use the many opportunities for positive change and development as wisely as possible. Possible hotspots are around the last week of February, try to avoid unnecessary travel that week, and  during the months of summer. Pluto lingers on in your solar 6th house, there could be a recurrent health issue that is hard to pin down and deal with effectively. Your important focus could be on hobbies, pets, children and creative pursuits, as well as a few short trips here and there to enjoy a change of scene. New Year’s resolution- socialise more and exchange ideas to keep your little gray cells active.




The major planets may seem to be giving you the cold shoulder this year, apart from Pluto in earthy Capricorn.  But then, do you really need so much angst and soul-searching in the 5th house of romance and hedonistic pursuits? At least Jupiter is boosting your money-making  skills, you could successfully find new ways to augment your income before the year is out. Domestic issues and matters linked to the home continue to be a tad burdensome, Saturn sheds little joy. On the upside, use that serious energy to reorganize, de-clutter and pare back on unessential domestic expenditures. Best times? Wait for autumn to set in, when the mad months of summer give way to a more mellow mood. New Year’s resolution – rather than breaking new ground, work on refining what exists.




Libra has loads of great opportunities with Jupiter bringing blessings, along with a few unwanted kilos, to make 2017 a memorable year. Saturn’s course through Sagittarius has brought a more serious mien to your thinking, so hopefully lessons learnt will serve you well when it comes to planning the months ahead. Uranus will continue to test the strength of your closest ties, anything that lacks a solid and realistic foundation could shatter as quickly as it was formed. Home and family life seem to be subject to broader social and economic issues, so you will need be resilient and willing to compromise. New Year’s resolution – count your blessings and learn to be more tolerant.




Your patience has been put to the test many times recently, so you can feel good about the fact that Jupiter will enter your birth sign later in 2017. From mid-October a lot of things should start falling into place for you. Money matters still seem subject to constraining circumstances, so tighten your belt stick to a budget. It won’t last forever! Work matters are volatile, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. This is a year to really embrace technology and see how it can help your daily routine and work output. Creativity and inspiration still have a lot of support from intuitive Neptune in your 5th house, let your inner artist free!

New Year’s resolution- don’t reveal your plans  until the right moment.




Recent months have challenged you to adopt a more mature and pragmatic  approach. This should be helpful throughout 2017. Your attitude to how you handle your resources could have benefited from a new insight, and now you are ready to forge forward and put your knowledge and talents to good use. Friends could play an increasingly strong role in your life, and you may find yourself extremely popular and in demand socially this year.  As winter comes you could even be welcoming a chance to escape the partying and hibernate a little. New Year’s resolution- see how you can play a stronger role in helping your community.




Career-oriented Capricorns should be experiencing the rewards for efforts made during 2016. Keep that focus and the coming months should be really fulfilling. This seems to be absorbing a lot of your energy, sometimes you may need to pull back and consider how it impacts your relationships and domestic life. If you become too dogmatic and inflexible you could hurt loved ones unintentionally. By the end of the year you may find you need to reach out and re-energise your friendships and links to the community around you again. New Year’s resolution- spend more time with those you love, and show them your appreciation.




2016 has been a period of mental stimulation in many ways, and 2017 promises to be much the same. Your ability to detach  and see the big picture serves you well, so maybe you can shine a ray of hope and optimism to brighten the mood of friends who are feeling a bit helpless. Your ruling planet Uranus turns retrograde mid- August, so try to finish off major negotiations and writing projects before then. You could experience tech glitches or need to upgrade your computer unexpectedly. New Year’s resolution- keep an open mind and reach out to other cultures.




The cosmos is rewarding you for your generous and loving nature. Even though times may still seem a little tough as 2017 gets under way, you will find friends there to keep you afloat. Finances will fluctuate, so always try to keep something on the side for a rainy day. Work will be demanding, it may seem that you have to make more effort just to enjoy a little progress. Be patient and stay on track, determination and reliability are your important assets in 2017. By the end of the year you will realise that it has been worth it! New Year’s resolution – stay as grounded as possible without losing sight of your dreams.

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