Your Horoscope in December 2017


Just when we thought things were swinging along rather nicely, whoops… here comes a speed bump. Rather, a Mercury retrograde, yet again. Back up that computer, get that overdue service done on the car, and be prepared for a few glitches and delays as the month rolls on. It doesn’t last forever, but to be forewarned should help. This is preceded by the month opening with a sharp jolt to the status quo when Mars and Uranus face off from Aries and Libra. Cooperation, partnerships and agreements are all under threat if tempers are let loose.

December Birthdays:  Sherihan – December the 6th (performer), Mohamed Zidan – December the 11th (footballer), Jamie Foxx – December the 13th (actor), Nelly Karim – December the 18th (actress), Brad Pitt – December the 18th (actor), Samuel L. Jackson – December the 21st (actor), Sherif Arafa – December the 25th (film director), Hisham Abdel Khalek – December the 25th (film director), Denzel Washington – December the 28th (actor).

Our Birthday Sign: Sagittarius

This month heralds a change of pace as Saturn finally moves out of your birth sign. It probably hasn’t been the easiest of times over the past couple of years, but you can chalk it up to experience and valuable lessons learned. On the up side, whatever has been positive, be it new skills, maturity or even dropping a few unwanted kilos, the effects should be long-lasting. A well-time transit of Venus, planet of love, beauty and sweet treats, should make for added pleasant moments throughout the month.


Join the other signs in exercising extra care during the first week of December. You have immense self-control when you need it, and this month will call on you to think strategically and keep your focus. Money pressures may build up, so be diligent in keeping track of expenses so you don’t have any unwelcome surprises. Mars will spend time in your birth sign over the coming couple of months, so there will be extra reserves of energy at your disposal. Mind you, your schedule could be more demanding than usual, so it balances out.


You should be on guard for unexpected events on the 1st, especially if your birthday falls around the 18th or 19th of October. You might be a bit accident-prone, so take extra care. The whole month is booby-trapped for you in many ways, with communication skills being tested. Your safest route will be to limit driving, emailing, texting, What’sApping, and chatting as much as possible. There will be moments of inspiration, but put them into action after the first few weeks of the month.


Let us slip in a quick word while we have your attention. Keep your cool on the 1st of the month, especially if your birthday falls around the 17th of April.  It will be easy to let your temper get the better of you, or risk injury through being impatient. Actually, patience will be something to hold on to for the first three weeks of the month, as things will be slowed down, turned upside down and become generally frustrating. Your best days are likely to be around the 21st to 23rd, set them aside for special meet-ups.


Once you get past a bit of a rocky start to the month on the 1st you can look forward to a rather pleasant day on the 3rd. The main message this month is to sort out your finances. Clear as many outstanding bills as possible before the new year starts, that way you can start with a clean slate. Saturn is moving into fellow earth sign Capricorn which rules your 9th house of foreign locales, so careful budgeting now may allow you to plan some trips out of town during the coming year. The 25th offers you a chance to sparkle, so accept any invitations that come your way.


It’s all about relationships this December. There seems to be a lot going on with partnership issues, either business or romantic, or both. With Mercury in retrograde for most of the month you will need to be very precise in your communication, watch the fine print in contracts and when making plans with your significant other. Expect some intense conversations around the 13th, but bear in mind that misunderstandings can happen easily these days. The 21st looks great for social occasions, bookmark it now.


Your sensitive nature recoils from conflict, and that is what is on the menu as the month opens. Pay it safe and stay clear of Aries, Capricorn and Libra people in your life. They are not likely to be on your wavelength around the 1st. The mood swings on the 3rd, and everyone around you will be much more in tune with your emotional nature. So much so that you may be feeling inspired and ready to take on great new projects. Just remember that Mercury turns retrograde the same day so keep your feet on the ground and do your homework thoroughly.


Even if you feel as though you are surrounded by numbskulls on the 1st, be magnanimous and keep your sharp tongue under control. The scene will improve within a day or two. The strong fire energy around this month works for you, and you will probably feel in a party mood. Active hobbies and sports should appeal, along with anything of a creative nature. Be ready for a surge of activity on the domestic scene during the coming weeks. Mark the 15th and 21st on your calendar, they are great days for getting together with friends.


Batten down the hatches and protect yourself from a financial blow that might come your way around the 1st of the month. Try to get back on track before your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde in your sector of home and property a few days later. Domestic life could be subject to confusion and misplaced items. Clear clutter and be as organized as possible. You may find yourself being a little snappy and terse in your communication as the month draws on, aim to be as sweet and diplomatic as possible to save having to make amends later.


This is a special month for Capricorns as your ruling planet Saturn comes into his home sign for a couple of years. It will help to stabilize matters in your life, and bring past efforts to fruition. On the down side, it could make you a little more susceptible to colds and chills, and zap your energy at times. If you were born in the first few days of Capricorn, this should be a rollicking festive season for you, so let your hair down and celebrate, especially around the 25th.


You may feel all sorts of undercurrents going on around you, without your being pulled into the fray. It will be a good idea to distance yourself from the action, just keep your head down and mind your own business as much as possible. Friends may need your support though, so be ready to step in and help when needed. Don’t get upset if plans and get-togethers are subject to changes and cancellations, be your usual chilled self and take things as they come. The 15th is a lovely day for a meet-up with buddies if you can manage it.


The key to success this month lies in keeping track of your work and hectic social calendar. If you don’t have a little black book, get one now! Keeping things on an electronic device may not be the best idea; the Mercury retrograde could cause things to crash at a critical time. Generally speaking, this month’s planets continue to be supportive, even feisty Mars in Scorpio resonates well with your sign. Finances are a little tricky, as the month gets under way, but should improve gradually.

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