Holm, Zamalek’s newest cafe, has opened its doors last month. Its design, simple Scandinavian-like. Its ambiance, cozy and homey. Holm is aimed at giving the guest a true sense of comfort. Holm hosts a variety of different bakers offering their own goods and an ongoing art gallery showcasing multiple local artists under its roof. The tagline ‘Your neighborhoods potluck cafe’ reflects Holm’s vision of having its customers contribute to the place and the comfortable, neighborly atmosphere to make its guests feel like its their own cafe.

Holm. it’s where your heart is. It’s where it all comes together. It’s where your bra isn’t. It’s all the above: Your neighborhood’s potluck cafe.

Location: 14 El Marsafy Street, Zamalek.

Tel: 01021100462

Instagram: @holm_cafe

Website: www.holmcafe.com

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