inDrive City to City Operates between Cairo & the North Coast


Heading to the North Coast during the summer is a popular choice for many
Egyptians looking to escape the heat and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. inDrive
City to City is a convenient and reliable service between Cairo and the North Coast,
taking away the stress of driving as the vacation mood sets in. So, book your trip with
the world’s fastest growing mobility app in 2022, and see how inDrive is changing
the travel market right now.

How to order inDrive City to City to North Coast:

Plan your trip 
The process is similar to booking a city trip, where a passenger orders a driver to take
them from point A to point B. Users can plan and book a trip via the inDrive app or
do it on their laptops, PCs or mobile browsers, using the inDrive City to City web

Set your price/Freedom of choice
inDrive City to City allows passengers to find a driver who, at a convenient time, and
using a convenient route, will take them to their destination. It differs from other
such services in that the passenger calls the price first and drivers can either accept
the offer, name their own price, or skip the offer and choose another. By making the
trips they choose, drivers can safely work on their own terms, and passengers can
travel in a more convenient way for a fair price from door to door.

Have your own space
When you use inDrive City to City service, you enjoy a private ride in a private car – no
one shares the road trip with you, so you can enjoy your time as you wish.

No time goes to waste
When choosing inDrive City to City, the passenger does not need to go to a bus or
train station, or work with an inconvenient schedule. Instead, the driver will pick the
passenger up and drop them off at a pre-agreed location.

Freedom of choice:
The passenger can pick their trip, taking into account not only the price, but also
previous ratings and reviews. This allows both drivers and passengers to travel only
with the people they feel comfortable with.

Feel Safe
Only registered users can use the service, and all drivers' documents are verified. This means that there is no anonymity on the platform – an important security criterion.

In addition, a system of mutual ratings allows both passengers and drivers to choose
only people with a good reputation.

So, what is inDrive?
Now headquartered in California, inDrive was founded 10 years ago as a response to
the monopoly of large taxi aggregators. The company’s mission is to “challenge
injustice"; the company therefore charges the lowest service fee (no more than 10%);
there is no hidden commission; and the service itself provides a platform where the
passenger and the driver agree on a price themselves. This revolutionary business
model has made the company a phenomenon in the market: In 2022, inDrive
became the fastest growing ride-hailing app in the world. Today, inDrive is the
second-most popular ride-hailing travel service in the world. The company operates
in 48 countries, with the Middle East being one of the fastest growing markets, and
Egypt a key market.

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