Go Natural on Valentine’s Date Night


Getting the right look on the most romantic night of the year can be a challenge, every woman is unique in the way she likes to apply makeup and present herself. But dare we say, you can go minimal to emphasize the outfit?

Check out our do and don’ts for going natural on date night!

DON’T over-do the foundation and mess with a good thing! The mercy of a dimly-lit venue will already do half the job.

DO accentuate your features with some glow and healthy color. Some tinted moisturizer; light concealer and cheek and lip stain will look fresh and hide any blemishes.

DON’T choose a glossy lip color; avoid the smudging and stickiness factor.

DO stain and smudge proof your lips. A good trick is to go for a reliable lip liner, lining and filling in your lips entirely then blotting until the excess is off. You can also dab some lip balm on top for moisture after applying and blotting.

DON’T go too heavy on the eyes and lose yourself. That heavy smoky eye effect is great for professional movie star photo sessions, but too much for a nice night out.

DO opt for a nice subtle grey shadow for a sultry look and line the outer upper and lower edges of your eyelids to make your eyes pop. A healthy coating of mascara on your lower and upper lashes is always a good idea!

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