How To Recycle Your Wardrobe For a Fresh Look in 8 Different Ways


Trendsetters are now looking for ways to keep a fresh look while recycling their wardrobe in different ways to change up their outfits. recycle your wardrobe

As we head into the summer, you can make an effort to look good without having to spend a fortune on new clothes. There are a few tricks you might want to jot down to get the job done.

1. Paint a white shirt!

recycle your wardrobeThis can definitely be eye-catching and it gives you creative control to choose how much of a certain color you want to apply for the look you are going for.

Even if you’re not Van Gogh, you can create a cool-looking abstract shirt that is actually in line with what is trendy today. So, why not give it a try? It’s a fun activity.

2. Cut off your sleeves.

Sometimes cutting the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt or a button-down shirt can totally change the look. The extra pieces of hanging thread actually create a tattered appearance that is very trendy nowadays. recycle your wardrobe

It also creates a summery look and could be a fresh look for those who wear button-down shirts on the beach. Give it a try and if you’re not fond of it you can always fix those ends and sew the sleeves just the way you like.

3. Cut open the back of a shirt.

Use a scissor to cut out a cute-looking knot or ribbon. You could also create unusual and striking patterns with the scissor. Or better yet, make a crop top and incorporate the same idea by emphasizing that cute ribbon.

There are an infinite number of carve-outs that you can consider and try with different shirts creating another one of those perfect looks for a nice hot day at the beach.

4. Patch pieces of different outfits together.

This may sound odd, but if you take a second to check out your wardrobe and take out a few of the old items that you don’t wear anymore. You can use them to mix and create exciting new outfits, you will be stunned with how good the results turn out to be.

recycle your wardrobeDifferent colors pair well with others, become your own stylist and manufacture an authentic piece that will actually make you feel unique and true to yourself.

5. Use graffiti to make it pop out.

You can just set all your clothes down and start spraying them randomly and the final result is always a cool one. You’ll want to also lay down your pants and not just the shirts. A lot of people pay a hefty price for those grafiti-designed outfits.

6. Swap clothes with a friend.

You’ll feel like you’ve bought new clothes and you’ll also get a chance to wear different styles of clothes that you may have not worn before. What’s also great about this is that you’ll be sharing shirts that no longer fit you with a friend. recycle your wardrobe

7. Get creative with old clothes.

recycle your wardrobeRather than wearing hand-downs as they are, you can cut up different designs and parts of the clothes to fit into newer items. There are countless combinations you can make and all of which have the potential to make you look fresh. recycle your wardrobe

8. Mix monochromatic shirts with some of your old clothes.

People tend to like wearing more basic colors and clothes nowadays, fancy word arts and colors are not really in style anymore. Taking a few of those timeless designs and slapping them onto some of the modernized clothes can prove to be a good idea.

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