Farida Osman


In Conversation with Champion Swimmer Farida Osman


She’s the girl in the spotlight, and Cairo West Magazine just had to know more.


CWM: First thought when you knew you had won the Bronze medal?

FO: I was so, so happy with my result because it was my goal from the very beginning of the season. I knew that this goal was going to be hard because the competition in the 50 m is incredible. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw #3 next to my name on the scoreboard. I started crying because I felt relieved, as all the hard work had finally paid off.


Strongest mentor in your life?

My strongest mentor would definitely have to be my mom. I ask for her opinion in everything I do.


Early bird or night owl?

A night owl. Waking up early is definitely against my nature, I need a few hours until the coffee sinks in and then I can talk to people and be myself.


Comfort food?

Nutella or desserts in general. I love creme brûlée.


Music on repeat these days?

Anything by Rihanna.


Book you have been meaning to read?

Not really a reader but forcing myself to be one… haha.


Most irritating habit in yourself?

My stubbornness – being headstrong – it’s my way or the highway.


Most irritating habit in others?

Small talk and disingenuous conversations.


Goal for this year?

I achieved my goal with this bronze medal. Since I will no longer be on a school scholarship because I just graduated, my goal is to find sponsors so I don’t have to worry when I go back to the US and train for Tokyo 2020.


Person who knows your secrets?

Most of my best friends, but mainly Fareeda El Tohamy


Food you can’t stand? 



Favorite piece of clothing?

Rompers or accessories


Any superstitions?

I believe in evil eye and hassad so much.


Secret to success?

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable because success happens outside of your comfort zone.


Romantic or pragmatic?



Country you want to visit?



Dream lunch date companion?

Roger Federer


Favorite country visited – so far?



Most valued quality in a friend?

Loyalty and trustworthiness

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