EgyTravel: Disconnect, Adventure, Party!


Travel is a mainstay on most people’s minds when planning the year ahead. We book holidays to have something to look forward to, a treat on the horizon to help us get through a rough month or busy schedules. Hard work needs a reward, and traveling locally can be a more realistic and achievable one for many. Cairo West Magazine has rounded up some fantastic options to suit different tastes, check out our picks for those in search of disconnect, adventure, or great parties!


Try to go as off the grid as possible! There are some great options in Egypt for total peace and disconnect. Head to Dahab or Nuweiba and camp in the desert under a blanket of stars or climb St Catherine’s to experience total calm and oneness with nature. Stay a bit closer to home and check out Fayoum, where you can deposit your stuff in a lodge and then head to Wadi el Hitan and camp by Magic Lake. If you want to venture even further, Siwa offers hot springs and peace. Camping trips can be arranged through your lodge or hotel.


Dive Urge

Tel: 0111 527 1493

Jaz Dahabeya Hotel

Tel: 069 3641264


Basata Village

Tel: 069 3500480

Rocksea Camp

Tel: 0112 529 2527

Meditation Village

Tel: 0100 111 3303


Sobek Lodge

Tel: 0106 888 5423

Zad Al-Mosafer

Tel: 0100 639 5590

Lazib Inn Resort & Spa

Tel: 084 6820000


Shali Lodge

Tel: 046 4602399

Taziry Ecolodge & Sustainable Village

Tel: 0101 633 3200

Albabenshal Guest House

Tel: 046 4601499


If your idea of a holiday is getting your blood pumping and exploring cultural hotspots, there are some options for you. Head to Ras Sedr and spend your time off delving into the sport of kitesurfing, where the winds are in our favor. Head further down towards Marsa Alam where you can dive, snorkel and quad bike all day in the pristine desert. Head even further down to Aswan and enjoy boat rides, Nubian Villages, and immerse yourself in heritage and culture.


Moon Beach Resort

Tel: 0121 288 8820

360 Kitesurfing Center

Tel: 0111 794 9666

The Kite Buzz

Tel: 0112 554 5616


Marsa Shagra Village

Tel: 065 3380026

The Three Corners Happy Life Beach Resort

Tel: 0122 026 4264

Amore Safari

Tel: 0100 191 9999


AnaKato Nubian Houses

Tel: 0100 081 8833

Pyramisa Isis Island Resort

Tel:  097 2480001 – 097 2480100/3

Glory of Nubia Tours

Tel: 0122 147 2627


If you’re looking for a party-fuelled holiday in Egypt, there’s only one place to head to during the colder months … El Gouna. Luckily, there is enough going on to fill a whole page of recommendations! They don’t call it a mini-Europe on the Red Sea coast for no reason … Fine dining, glitzy clubs, spacious beaches, and plush accommodations – here’s just some of our picks.


Chez Chantal

Tel: 0122 756 3373

La Scala Pizzeria

Tel: 065 3549702

Bleu Bleu

Tel: 0128 359 1110

Le Garage

Tel: 065 3580521



Tel: 0109 133 7148


Tel: 77903

Pier 88

Tel: 0128 410 8820


Moods Beach Club

Tel: 065 3580521 ext. 75512

Club 88 Pool

Tel: 0121 128 8866

The Clubhouse Pool Bar

Tel: 065 3549702


Ancient Sands

Tel: 065 3545682

La Maison Bleue

Tel: 0128 359 1110

The Three Corners Ocean View Hotel

Tel: 065 3580350

Hotel Arena Inn

Tel: 065 3580078

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