Do’s & Don’t’s of Wedding Buffets: a Little Guide by Crave Catering


To alleviate the hassle of food details and how a buffet should be organized at a wedding, we’ve decided to put a little something together to help you – because believe it or not, the buffet is one of the main elements of a wedding that always leaves quite an impression.

  • When it comes to the food, having all the fancy additions such as shrimp, salmon and cheese is NOT a must. You don’t need to add anything extra. Whatever makes you happy is what you should go with. So don’t stress over all these costly additives that are becoming more of a trend, rather than being a necessity.


  • If you don’t feel like having a Wedding Cake, it’s completely ok. More and more contemporary weddings are doing away with that costly tradition.


  • Pay a lot of attention to salads and desserts because they are colorful by nature. The more colorful your buffet is, the better and more attractive it will be for your guests. People are usually driven to more colorful items.


  • Serve all three main proteins, chicken, fish, and beef, to satisfy all tastes. Also, carbs are very important because they compliment any protein. You can have pasta, rice, potatoes in different shapes and forms; the options are endless.


  • Finally, one of the most important things to consider is your buffet display. Display is key whatever the size of the event. Try to be as creative as you can with the display because that’s what will draw guests to the food, and leave a lasting impression.
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