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Chocolate Madness at The Courtyard in Maadi. Some of the best dessert places in Maadi.

Concept: Dessert Café/Restaurant

Mantra: Best Desserts in Town

Type of cuisine: Savory and sweet.

Signature dishes: Flammable Marshmallow Chocolate Show

Dishes sampled: Lemon Chicken, New York Steak, Assorted Mini Molton Cakes, Flammable Marshmallow Show

Since launching their first dessert café in Alexandria three years ago, Brew & Chew just made its debut in the capital. With a much more extensive and elaborate menu, Brew & Chew brings a bigger and more detailed Belgian chocolate-based menu.

We were expecting to eat desserts only, but to our surprise Brew & Chew’s extensive menu offers delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, with two thirds of their menu dedicated to desserts. For every savory dish, you will find two dessert options.

We tried the Rita Lemon Chicken accompanied by a house salad and grilled vegetables, and the New York Steak accompanied by sautéed mushrooms, sprinkled with herbs and served with a chocolate sauce.The lemon sauce was perfectly blended with the chicken, and the grilled vegetables were thinly sliced. The house salad consisted of crunchy lettuce, sweet corn, Pico de gallo and a vinaigrette dressing.

The New York Steak was ordered medium well, with a Belgian chocolate sauce that surprisingly went very well with the steak. The chocolate sauce was made all the more special with cinnamon, ginger and spices.

We sampled an assortment of the desserts on offer: the Molten Cakes, (or Lava Cakes) and the Flammable Marshmallow Chocolate Show, with a great performance by the chef. The cake is very thinly layered, almost flourless and 80% of it is made of Belgian chocolate. We were served a pistachio cake filled with white chocolate and a chocolate cake filled with peanut butter and Nutella. The Flammable Marshmallow Chocolate Show is a must-see. Maltezers, brownies, marshmallow, Flutes, as well as white and dark chocolate sauces and pistachio sprinkles were all part of this dish. It is the ultimate chocolate utopia.

Other menu options that appealed:  Chocolate-stuffed Burger

Beverages: Coffees, juices, smoothies and of course Belgian hot chocolate.

Décor: Brew & Chew’s hot pink letters stand out in the middle of the food court. The spacious restaurant has seating areas indoors and outdoors. The pistachio and pink colors of the chairs bring life to the grey interior walls just like the patch of mirrors and the suspended garden on one of the walls. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming.

Home delivery: Brew & Chew does not deliver, it’s a dining-in experience.

Clientele mix: Family, friends, chocolate lovers in general

Price range: Desserts range from EGP 30 to EGP 120 plus add-ons

Opening hours: 10 am to midnight all week.

Address: The Courtyard, 2 Palestine Street, New Maadi

Tel: 0115 200 7766

Facebook and Instagram: Brew and Chew Egypt.


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