Best Brunch with family at Cairo Conrad Hotel.

Solana is a brilliant family brunch buffet that offers a wide range of international cuisine; a chance to indulge in the best dishes from all of Conrad’s four restaurants.

Ambiance: A casual restaurant in a relaxing atmosphere with a stunning view of the Nile.

Type of cuisine: The buffet offers a taste from all around the world with an array of deliciously cooked specialities, Asia is offered by Kamala, the Middle East is served by Jayda, a little bit of Italy is represented by Solana, and the roast beef is straight from the Oak Grill.

Beverages: Freshly squeezed orange juice is just one of their wide range of fresh juices.

Dishes sampled:

We started with a salad bar that offers a wide range of international salads and mezzes, as well as a whole array of delicious options, from fresh sushi classics including California and Alaska roll and spicy tuna. We opted for a freshly made Caesar salad with shrimp. All were fresh and simple, showcasing quality ingredients.

The Oak Grill’s perfectly cooked roast beef is a pastry parcel filled with tender beef, with a side of gravy, and roast potatoes. Jayda offered a delicious traditional Lebanese Fattah, prepared with chicken, spicy hummus, bread, and a cool tangy yogurt sauce.

Solana’s taste of Italy followed with a traditional mozzarella pizza. The dough was incredibly thin and light but still packed an exquisite taste that made it exceptional. We then tried the baked salmon and sea bass fillet, a true taste of summer. Both were cooked to perfection.

Kamala served perfectly stuffed dim sum with shrimp and chicken, the thin dough allowed us to enjoy the delicate flavour. Ayam Tumissapi wok (stir fry) with tender cuts of chicken and black pepper sauce was served with a steamy fried rice.

We felt quite full, until our eye caught the chocolate fountain standing at the dessert bar, and just like that, we were inspired… again. With a delicious array that only began with the mille feuille, swiss rolls, chocolate cake, éclairs, chocolate mousse, homemade ice-cream, and custard tart it was a never ending journey of mouth-watering desserts.

Other menu options that appealed: Solana’s spaghetti with fresh homemade salsa.

Décor: Contemporary styled restaurant, perfect for a family meal or informal dinner.

Clientele mix: Family’s and hotel guests enjoying the friendly environment. There is a children’s area with a special buffet, entertainment and PlayStation to keep the little ones busy.

Price range: All that for EGP 235++. Children ages 5 and under eat free and ages 6 to 16 enjoy a 50% discount.

Opening hours: Brunch is served from 1pm to 5pm.

Address: Conrad Cairo 1191 Corniche El Nil.

Tel: 02 25808410

Facebook page: Conrad Cairo Hotel

Instagram: Conrad Cairo

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